April 18th, 2024

Don’t ban guns

By Letter to the Editor on February 20, 2021.

I want to talk about Lethbridge wanting to ban handguns. Do people really believe that this would stop criminals from using handguns?
The people that have handguns and have them registered are using them legally and not for criminal use. These are the people that would have to hand in their guns.
Do people really believe that if handguns were banned, that the criminals who own them would hand in their guns?
The criminals who have guns, I can guarantee, that they have not registered those guns or gone through the courses to own these weapons. The only people that the government knows have handguns are those that have taken the courses, filled out all the legal forms and registered their weapons with the government. By banning these weapons, the government is taking away their human rights and giving the criminals what they want.
The criminals will never stop owning their own unregistered weapons and can sit back and laugh at all those that want handguns, or any guns, banned.
It seems that people are sitting back and allowing the government to dictate to us when and where we can go, what businesses can survive and basically our freedom.
How much power will people allow the government to use over us before it is too late to stop them?
There are so many more issues to cover like the coal mines in the Pass but it would take too long to go through all of them. I urge people to get together and support each other and not allow all these things to happen.
Please don’t allow the government to ban any more guns than they already have. History should show us that this is wrong. Hitler took away all guns from those citizens who had them and then look what happened then.
I don’t own any guns but my husband and I both agree that banning registered guns is wrong, after all, why would anyone register a gun to let the government know they have them if they were going to commit a crime with them? Maybe they should just ban the criminals but that would be more difficult than banning weapons from people that the government knows who has them.
Joyce Logan

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