April 14th, 2024

Religious right shows hypocrisy

By Letter to the Editor on February 26, 2021.

“It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.” As we trudge our way through this pandemic, I try my best to find some good amongst all the negative daily news.
So, what good could I possibly see from this chaos?
Well, I like to learn new things by observing and analyzing other fellow human beings.
Here is what I noticed: Most people here in Alberta follow rules, care for each other and are great human beings.
Having said that, there are individuals and groups of people that are selfish, ignorant and just plain nasty.
One of those groups was a big surprise to me. I’m speaking of some of the so-called religious right Christian groups that act like they are the “special” chosen ones and the rest of us not following their chosen path are heathens and not worthy of living.
My opinion? You are the biggest bunch of hypocrites that ever took up space on this planet.
You have proven to me as an Agnostic that even if I found God and followed in the footsteps of Jesus, I would never step foot inside your places of worship with the fear of a lightning bolt from the heavens striking me dead on the spot.
You claim you follow the teachings of Christ and yet, having read the new Testament, your actions are totally contrary to what His actions would be if Jesus was here in Alberta today.
Doug Cameron

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Dennis Bremner

All is right with the world now. “They” have finally removed the one impediment to world Nirvana as of yesterday. Mr Potato Head will no longer have “Mister” in front of the name so as not to “offend people”.
Just when you think the world could not get more stupid………….

John P Nightingale

Well said. You have spoken for a great number of Albertans who are sick and tired of this self centred , selfish attitude decidedly non Christian . In fact it is quite the opposite of what true Christianity teaches.
Self righteous hypocrites the lot of them.


not often that one can say anger is well intentioned, but here i feel it is so.
with regard to reference to the likes of jesus, and notwithstanding the ignorant, twisted, ugly, self serving hypocrites that purport to support his views but, clearly, do not, it is worth noting the thoughts and ideas that the one called jesus has been credited with sharing is true wisdom. what a sad irony when we witness some of the most despicable and hateful and self serving dolts pretend that they are followers of christ.
to everyone, i would suggest one seek wisdom, not dogma. reading on buddhist insight is far more wisdom laden that dogmatic. there has got to be more to this experience than dying into nothingness in vain, or worse, meeting a god made in man’s image – with all his human failings, flaws and deficiencies, such as vanity, pride, egoist, racist, paternal, and perhaps worst of all, judgemental issues. moreover, it is hard to discount our permanency: after all, we are energy, and science tells us energy never dies, it just moves on. what is the old saying, “seek and ye shall find”? stay open and be curious. perhaps have a look at, “the tibetan book of living and dying”. https://www.freespiritualebooks.com/uploads/5/0/5/8/50589505/the-tibetan-book-of-living-and-dying.pdf

John P Nightingale

A great letter from a Reverend in Calgary from today’s Globe and Mail, elaborating what this writer said. A quote from the final paragraph “ The greatest commandment is to love God, self and neighbour as thyself. Closing our doors practises this ethic in the best way possible, until we can open safely for all”. Brilliant.


As expected, John, Biff and Dennis have once again spewed their noxious venom when it comes to their gross ignorance regarding Christianity.

They continue to be “on the outside, looking in” expressing their views and idealisms as ” gospel truth”, which I am confident to them that they believe it is.

Unless/until one believes and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour they will not understand or know the truth. If one, on the other hand believes, accepts and confesses Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour it is only then that they will know the Truth and the Truth will set them free.

Once again, even with the historical proof, artifacts, personal recorded wittness accounts, some continue to refuse, reject and not believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (the Trinity) and these individuals are duly noted in the Holy Scriptures.

All I can say to those who do not believe is, God does not force His will on anyone, and mankind has to choose for themselves whether to believe or not.

My question to those who do not believe, what if, in the end, the Trinity/Holy Bible is true, then the fallen Angel, Satan and hell are also true.

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John P Nightingale

“Noxious venom”? You are really showing your own bias when in fact , certainly in the above comments, there is no such thing. Merely pointing out the bleedin’ obvious – that churches such as those cited do not express “ Christianity” in any shape or form and if you embrace such self centred zealotry, you too should hang your head in shame.
Your last line amazes and demonstrates unbridled acceptance (faith) of an unsubstantiated claim and to hell (intended) with everyone else.
I have no wish to worship at the altar of YOUR god, a god who demands to be obeyed and is quick to condemn those who disagree – hardly a Christian ethic.
“Historical proof” and “artifacts” – you mean like Noah’s Ark sitting on top of Mt Ararat? Or biblical records before four thousand years BC. Oh wait a minute, the earth is only that old anyway………..


John, (such a good name Jesus’s beloved disciple) not only Noah’s Arc, but if you happen to expand your ,obviously contained, sphere of intellect on Christian history, and travelled to such places as Israel and Turkey, you will witness for yourself, physical historic evidence. What comes to mind at this time is my visit to Turkey and to the City of Ephesus. The well preserved home of John, where he took Mary. Having personally entered this home, there are no words that can describe the awesome significance of this Holy place.

The Muslims that now permeate the area, readily and willingly will share historically handed down facts regarding John, his home and that Mary was there.

Similarly, the historic physical proof of places, structures and logistics found in Israel are not only recorded in the Holy Bible, but cornfirmed simply in their very being! “Seeing is believing” John, even is you have your “Christian blinders” on, you can not refute these monuments of historical evidence.

John P Nightingale

If indeed you really believe that the Ark is perched atop Ararat , nothing further needs to be said. That theory has been debunked multiple times.
I suspect that if anyone is wearing blinders and has a contained intellect concerning Christianity , it is you.
However, in response to your “suggestions” cited above, allow me to elaborate.
I have visited Turkey (but not Ephesus) and contemplated in the confines of multiple mosques and a couple of ancient stone churches such as Chora.
I have spent time in monasteries throughout the British Isles and Europe, including ancient temples in Malta. 20,000 year old cave paintings in France inspired spiritual thought.
In Nepal, Stupas and Hindu holy sites were visited in the high Himalaya.
In Cambodia, Angkor Wat and other Buddhist and Hindu sites inspired.
In S America I sought out pre-medieval animistic locations.
Back in Britain, ancient , very ancient stone circles are still pilgrimage sites for Pagans and people such as myself.
There are other examples but suffice to say, I treat all with respect and resent your insinuation, that I abhor* the Christian faith. (* My choice of word)
Your infatuation with biblical accuracy is false. That there are indeed multiple historical records of early Christianity and the teachings of a man called Jesus is entirely correct.
My own “cynicism” comes when folk like you adhere to the literal word of this book, beginning with Genesis and continuing to the final page. This is faith or to put it another way “blind” faith at the expense of reasoned thought.
Fundamental or Ultra – Orthodox teachings of any faith are dangerous and it is that with which I take issue.
Throughout my travels, I respect all faiths . They can all trace their current beliefs to historical records , the bible is not alone and neither is your fundamental view of heaven and presumably, hell.
Jesus, a Jew, would I think embrace all points of view and certainly accept all belief systems.
Suggesting I “spew noxious venom” in this particular “discussion” is false.
Any negativity is directed at extreme religious thoughts and certainly not the Christianity inspired by Jesus.

Seth Anthony

Slow clap John.

John P Nightingale

Hmm, not sure whether you approve or not. But I appreciate your two contributions which I think mirror mine…….

Seth Anthony

I just found out that “slow clap” can mean two opposite things. Anyway, I meant it as “Your post was jaw drop impressive” 🙂

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Seth Anthony


There is no such thing as religious proof, that’s why it’s called “faith”. The nonbelievers that you speak of, are nonbelievers because they believe only in what can be experienced and proven (empirical evidence).

I personally don’t believe in an “omni-everything” entity not only due to a total lack of evidence (It’s not that hard to drop in for a visit once in a while, lol), but also because an “omni” entity can’t possibly exist in reality. An omni entity is a paradox that can only exist in one’s abstract imagination. There are many logical arguments proving that point, and I’ll get into those if requested.

Last edited 3 years ago by Seth Anthony

Faith, can’t prove and can’t deny. Simple concept. Nothing to argue about unless there is an attempt to have one or the other shoved down your throat. Most times just better to walk away. Religion, the argument and discussion with no firm answer.

Seth Anthony

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If people claim an extraordinary god entity exists, then the onus is on them to produce the extraordinary evidence. Not only are they unable to provide extraordinary evidence, they are unable to produce any evidence at all.

With that said, logical arguments can be presented which show that such an entity would be a paradox that can’t exist in reality. There is also ample psychological evidence which explains why some choose to believe in a god entity.


while there is much to debate with regard to truth in the bible – there are, however, some wise notations – let me try and nutshell the concern of those that have good hearts and intentions, and cannot, therefore accept many of the world’s religions due to their historic and continuing acts of aggression, theft, lies, cruelty, exclusiveness/sense of supremacy vs all others, and their lack of common sense and actual compassion. real and demonstrable love, and heart, and grace are too readily and consistently overshadowed by fear, hatred and superstition.

Seth Anthony

All similar texts to the bible have snippets of “good” stuff, but typically, for every 1 good thing, there is a multitude of absurdities, contradictions, cruelty, etc.
The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible highlights and sorts verses from the King James Bible into the following categories: Absurdity Injustice Cruelty and Violence Intolerance Good Stuff Contradictions Science and History Family Values Interpretation Misogyny Sex Prophecy Language Politics Homosexuality It points out the parts of the Bible that believers rarely talk about, such as God sending bears to tear apart 42 children for making fun of one of his prophets (2 Kings 2:23-25). These stories are usually swept under the rug by people who claim that the Bible is the inspired word of God. The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible brings out all of the Bible for critical examination.
What’s important to note, is that typical religion as we know would not exist if it wasn’t for childhood indoctrination with the threat of eternal suffering.
We are all born Atheist. We have to be “taught” to believe in something that goes against all our senses. We have to be “taught” to believe (and fear) in something to which absolutely no evidence exists.

Guy Lethbridge

I usually just read these , but remain quiet… But to this I have to say “here here”. Nice Comment Seth.

Seth Anthony

Thank you.

Despite my disbelief in a God entity, I do believe in an “afterlife” of a sort.