April 22nd, 2024

Do we have it in us to do the right thing?

By Letter to the Editor on March 5, 2021.

Everyone of us Canadians have been raised to value the word Moderation. Do not over eat, over drink, over work, over play, over anything.
Then the world went Global – we overdid everything – we were told that the world needs our oil, our grain, our potash, our french fries, our fresh killed meat (namely beef and pork), our lumber, our coal and our metals. And of course we needed from the world our clothing, our shoes,vegetables, computers, appliances, computer chips and motherboards, and dishes and pots and on and on.
Now we have 200,000 head feedlots, 10,000 head pig barns, farmers that harvest 20 sections of land, lumber companies that hew and plain and sell millions of feet of lumber and what happens when the market tanks or the kill plants get a virus or a country like China or the USA decides to not take our products ? We dump our grain, we send our meat and animals to a landfill and close down our lumber mills and mines.
We expanded — depending on world markets — we threw moderation to the wind.
We also threw our moral values out the window because we could not tell a country like China to “Go To Hell,” we will not tolerate dealing with a country who subjugates their minorities.
Now do we have the intestinal fortitude to tighten our belt and do the right thing?
I hope so.
Grant R Harrington

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Go big Grant or go home!


or j57, in your case, how about get lost?


i take it back, j57, and apologise. keep tossing ’em out here. we agreed on two recently…guess i felt a bit jilted when i saw we had parted ways.


Bi-polar much? You know they can medicate that condition biff! As far as I know I am not going anywhere! I might take a break from time to time but this kind of response from the eccentrics like yourself is priceless and keeps me coming back for more!


haha! glad your feelings are intact, and we can look forward to more of the usual from you! the “get lost” was meant to be a play off your “…or go home” statement, but when posted, it read poorly and did not reflect my intent. sadly, the herald does not allow for edits anymore, or deletions, which would have made quick work of all this. alas. anyway, the idea of you getting lost conjured disturbing visions of you driving your truck needlessly, forever,…oh, spare the environment. 🙂


thoughtful letter, and quite right. moderation is an intelligent and evolved practice, and is quite in contrast with the greedy-grabby approach marketed, bought and sold by the many that remain stuck serving self and vanity. indeed, look at what we have come to support: the likes of china, that incarcerates and tortures its minorities, that holds at least 2 cdns in prison without cause; saudi arabia, from whom we import oil – as if we need that oil, and in fact, do so to the detriment of the cdn economy – and export arms to, knowing full well those arms are being used to commit acts of war that further, may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. perhaps worse still, we remain stupidly dependent on the usa, perhaps the largest war criminal and crimes against humanity nation on the planet, and who have continued to hold prisoners illegally and without right in guantanamo bay…. this is what we should know to be mental illness of the worst order, as it is mental illness that proves injurious to others.