April 17th, 2021

Hypocrisy has nothing to do with religion

By Letter to the Editor on March 5, 2021.

In response to Doug Cameron’s letter of Feb. 26- and the many comments on that subject, “Religious right shows hypocrisy.”
Well hypocrisy is not a Christian thing. Hear what Jesus had to say to them ,and He knew what was in their mind.
He called them, “you serpents ,you brood of vipers” and also, “white-washed tombs — beautiful on the outside but filled inside with dead peoples bones and all sort of impurity.”
And in the day of judgement when theysay Lord Lord and sum up all what they have done, Jesus will say “I never know you, depart from me, you workers of lawlessness”!
Wonder what Jesus would have to say to some of the prosperity TV preachers ,who live like kings, and have expensive airplanes and houses?
Jesus said about himself ,”foxes have holes and the birds have nests but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.” Well ,that was then. He is King of kings and Lord of lords !
John Van Liere

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John P Nightingale

“Not a Christian thing”. Oh yes it is – the writer confirms that with his reference to preachers living “like kings”.
No doubt JC said similar words such as those quoted (if you believe the multiple translations of the Bible beginning with words written years after his death).
That and the fact that JC was not a Christian anyway, so his wise words are not of Christian origin either. Nowadays it would be called “plagiarism”.
A few worthy talking point brought up by Van Liere, descends into the usual biblical quoting sermon.
The writer was responding to a letter written about the HYPOCRISY of some so called Christians opening up their churches against public health orders, which in of itself is yet another example of his church’s contradictory and damaging actions.
Has to be said that most churches and other places of worship have been following the PH orders but those demanding openings and packing buildings with devotees defile all the rest.


John in my travels (and occupation) I have met many people from all kinds of back-grounds and in all those people I conclude that the Religious ones are the most self-righteous and hypocritical of all!
“Well hypocrisy is not a Christian thing”…This is the biggest load of CRAP I have ever heard since I stopped cleaning animal pens years ago!


the writer does not appear to make a point that equates with the entry’s assigned title. however, if the issues that desecrate peoples around the globe, and decimate planet earth, were solely a consequence of the religious right, our said issues would hardly be so dire. the religious right is harmful, but so are very many of those that behave much the same. the only difference is their lack of compassion and respect for the land and other sentient beings is portrayed as being ordained by god.


danged herald does not allow an edit! last line should read, the only difference is their lack of compassion and respect for the land and other sentient beings is not portrayed as being ordained by god.

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