April 21st, 2024

Government’s attack on ‘Bigfoot’ eases fears

By Letter to the Editor on March 25, 2021.

overnment used my tax money to fund a war room to battle the environment and apply conversion therapy to people and groups who are under the mad delusion that oil and gas development has negative impacts on the environment.
But I worry no longer, now that I see the Alberta War Room warning parents and children against the dangers of cryptozoological children’s films, particularly the animated movie ‘Bigfoot Family’.
Whatever you do, don’t watch this movie, and be sure to protect your children and grandchildren from its harmful effects.
Richard Quinlan

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Southern Albertan

The Kenney UCP $30 million/year War Room with the going after the ‘Bigfoot’ cartoon is a glaring horse laugh. It’s an even louder horse laugh to know that the ‘leader’ of the War Room, one of Kenney’s UCP failed candidate buddies, supposedly makes around $190,000/year. It just ridiculously, embarrassingly, beats all.

Jim Linville

Good letter. Too bad Big Foot chewed off the first part of it.


i think i would find the perspective amusing, but the war room has conditioned me to appreciate the idea the that oil sands development is actually an environmental service, meant to save the likes of bigfoot from getting stuck in the tar. the surrounding watersheds were always polluted with heavy metals, but god blessed environment-rescue oil cos get wrongfully blamed.
the war room needs a strong propaganda, er…educational, film to help get its worthy messages out there…something as robust, perhaps, as was “reefer madness”, or the reaganesque classic, “fried egg brain on drugs”.
perhaps animated fish with long, lush eyelashes and big, blue eyes, with collagen-type lips, kissing the human hands that are feeding them their needed daily doses of mercury and naphthenic acids, and in return, the fish give over 2-4 barrels of fresh water for every barrel of oil produced. ah, the harmony and syncrude-icity of it all 🙂


Bad bad Kenny and company! How dare he go after a kids movie that demonizes our livelihood that produces thousands of well paying jobs. And he has the GALL to spend 30million per year to help fend-off the Alberta-haters of our natural resources that funnel money to the rest of the country which they don’t seem to mind at all with their greedy hands out. Six hundred billion more than we get back in transfers since the nineteen sixties from what I understand, and he has the nerve to stand-up for Alberta values! Shame shame Jason we elected you and your cohorts to cave-in under the pressure of special interest groups abroad and here including anti-Alberta Liberal governments in Ottawa!
I am so disappointed in you Jason!

Fedup Conservative

More idiotic comments from our hero johnny . Great we love them. While these phony conservatives give away billions in royalties and taxes to their rich friends it’s all Ottawa’s fault just like Kenney taught him.
I’m sure his Liberal friend Kenney is proud of him, he needs all the help he can get while intelligent Albertans call him the worse liar they have ever seen. .


j57 does very well to regurgitate the perspective of those that see money as prime, and all else secondary. unsustainable approaches and practices that devastate, degrade and undermine health and healthy planetary systems are worthy so long as it means good paying jobs?
if good paying jobs are prime, j57, perhaps you will like to eliminate all the poor paying jobs…say, everything under 20 bucks an hour? and, if we paid our armed forces to uphold, say, a totalitarian society, that included muting opposition with violence and torture and “disappearances”, that would be ok…so long as it meant good paying jobs? perhaps you appreciate the breaches of freedom, privacy and trust committed by numerous of our local police force, as those breaking the law have good paying jobs?
i do not think anyone is saying we do not still need to use oil and gas; what is being said is the practice is unsustainable, and we need to find other means, asap. perhaps if we had just a billion peoples on the planet, or even 500 million, we could continue to bleed out fossil fuels as the primary means to power ourselves. however, the world population has been on an exponential uptick the past century. moreover, there is little sign it is slowing down. worse still, emerging economies comprising ever more peoples will require more energy. perhaps our biggest issue is too many people looking to satisfy too many wants. if the energy we use to deliver unlimited wants to virtually unlimited peoples remains fossil fuels, well, is the outcome not obvious? perhaps some good paying jobs eliminating people is a j57 and ilk answer to a very serious and difficult issue?


thank you for this…the comments that follow the video are solid, too. consumerism is one of our most central and significant issues. sad that there remain many willing to defend our broken and soulless approach to life, even as the structure authors our ongoing demise.