April 22nd, 2024

Alberta Health Services is a toothless tiger in preventing the spread of COVID

By Letter to the Editor on April 6, 2021.

Editor: On Wednesday, March 31, the Premier made a plea to Albertans to respect public health guidelines in the face of rising COVID cases. Too bad such a plea is hollow: if the UCP government meant any of its urgings to change behaviour in response to rising COVID case counts, it would have taken action against the Grace Life Church and its minister, James Coates, who was released from jail recently for violating public health restrictions.
After being released from jail, he led his congregation in a service last Sunday that violated restrictions issued by AHS for public gatherings.
The lack of will in enforcing public health measures against Coates and his church make a mockery of AHS guidelines and any efforts to prevent the spread of COVID.
Shame on both the UCP government and AHS. AHS has proven to be a toothless tiger.
David Kaminski

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Lighten-up David! Last time I checked we were still living in a democracy not a police-state!

John P Nightingale

As per your reply to this same letter from three days ago, you have nothing substantive to add. You do not seem to understand that mask by-laws are there for a reason – THEY SAVE LIVES AND SERIOUS ILLNESS – perhaps you deny that. And perhaps you deny that there should be consequences for defying the law. And perhaps you support religious services being exempt from a simple procedure whose sole aim is to lessen the spread and reduce ICU intake? Currently, religious leaders of the Christian and other faiths, have stated publicly their condemnation of Coates’s shameful activities. Too bad you fail to see that.

Last edited 3 years ago by John P Nightingale

And what would you suggest Mr. Nightingale, Kenny step-in with the army? Shut the province completely down? Force everybody to stay home or risk being shot on site?
As far as mask bylaws I am completely on-board with it. Not sure where you came-up with the notion I was not.
I have nothing substantive to add? If that is indeed the case then it does seem that I have lots of company on this forum with the same hang-up!
As far as religion is concerned I am not religious in any shape or form and I believe all religions are nothing but a tool to control the masses! Not just Christianity like you seem to believe!

Guy Lethbridge

David is right….. there is however finger-pointing to be done outside of gov’t. I wish someone would call out the major stores in Lethbridge that have been told by their head office (or so I was told by the nice lady the offending store had occupy the table at the front entrance giving out free masks and had sanitizer) NOT to enforce any COVID precautions. Can I mention the name of the store here? I don’t know, so I didn’t .


they all have the same policy – corporate does not want to lose customers, and, and rightly, they do not want to put their employees at risk. as per point of the letter, there is no enforcement. are stores to pay for the additional resources needed to enforce? or, does the public pay for the new security? my feeling is that if stores wish to remain open, they should have to hire the people to enforce the rules. clearly, it has been demonstrated by govt, through their arbitrary decisions as to what businesses can stay open, that owning a business has been rendered a privilege and not a right. if the rules are for our safety, then those places where masks are required had better be made safe – no exceptions.


ain’t a democracy that does not enforce laws that uphold public safety…we call that an anarchy.

Fedup Conservative

it must make Kenney feel really proud that he has Johnny defending their every move, while most other Albertans know what a fool he is and want him gone. While Alberta and Kenney’s dear friend Ford run the two most Covid disasters in Canada, Johnny doesn’t care.

Southern Albertan

With regard to the ‘christian’ faith with it’s love for fellow man, would it be thought that Jesus would follow the COVID rules to facilitate protecting others? I would think so.


heck, he’d mask thousands with just a needle and spool of thread 🙂