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Why are the anti-vaccination people exposing themselves and others to COVID?

By Letter to the Editor on May 12, 2021.

Editor: “Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.” (Buddha) But the way that we die is a bit of a problem. A slow, painful, gasping death is not on many people’s wish list. Consider death by diphtheria, tetanus or meningococcal disease.
Diphtheria is dangerous because the bacteria which cause it produce a toxin, which kills cells in the mouth, nose and throat. The dead cells quickly build up and form a membrane that can attach to the throat and lead to death by choking.
Tetanus would be a nasty end too. Severe tetanus-induced muscle spasms can interfere with or stop your breathing. You choke to death.
Meningococcal disease is a life-threatening infection. It is a term used to describe two major illnesses – meningitis (inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain) and septicaemia (blood poisoning). It can cause severe brain damage and is fatal in 50 per cent of cases if untreated.
But we can suffer and become paralyzed without experiencing a meeting with The Grim Reaper. People with pertussis (whooping cough) cough up large amounts of thick mucus, which may cause vomiting. Other symptoms during an attack may include bulging eyes, prominent veins in the neck and protrusion of the tongue.
Polio was nasty. An estimated 11,000 people in Canada were left paralyzed by polio between 1949 and 1954. The disease peaked in 1953 with nearly 9,000 cases and 500 deaths. Now the victims suffer from “post-polio syndrome.”
Then there are the childhood diseases of mumps, measles, chickenpox. Not life-threatening, but caused suffering.
Children no longer suffer painful, preventable childhood illnesses or are paralyzed by polio. The only way that you’re going to die from diphtheria, tetanus or meningococcal disease is if you or your parents decided that vaccination was an infringement on your liberty.
Check out https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/provincial-territorial-immunization-information/provincial-territorial-routine-vaccination-programs-infants-children.html. It shows that infants and students in Alberta all have access to vaccinations against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, meningococcal serogroup C infections, hepatitis A and B, and human papillomavirus. The vaccinations protect them against death and suffering.
I’d like the anti-vaccers out there to ask themselves why they are exposing themselves and others to COVID. Please, roll up your sleeve and get one more vaccination – just like you did when you were a kid.
John Warren

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Why are you scare of death? Death is only a physical biological change of the body structure. I agree to be scared If you are a religious person and your behaviors and attitudes harmed other human been, but if you feel clean, let the death welcome.


I bet Roberto blows through red lights and swims with sharks. Just let it happen.


Thank you. I appreciate your point. I, wish a long live for you and your family members


i do not feel that is his point. i feel he suggests that many have been made to feel so frightened that they would find comfort from a bevvy of vaccines that lack the usual and necessary pre-market trials.

Fedup Conservative

What a stupid comment when we are seeing teens and some in their 20s losing their lives to covid that could have been prevented had the health care restrictions been followed.


Teens? losing lives because the fake COVID? where? They die by other causes, The HC blames the COVID as an excuse. Don’t be naive


when all this began we were assured that coivd only has dire effects for a tiny % of the population. if this is so, a year and half along, we can still assume that covid is a danger for a small sample of the population. we get lots of ongoing coverage of covid numbers, but the fact remains, only a small % of the planet’s population are significantly made ill. put another way, the vast, vast majority will not get seriously sick, nor die, because of covid. and yet, vaccines are being pushed on everyone, as though everyone is at risk.
let us consider risk. the vaccines are each new; moreover, they were rushed to market; moreover, each company has been granted immunity from lawsuits due to the rushed rollout. that should be a red light alert. who are the players: big pharm, giant money, and govts…if you still trust any of those, you are trustworthy to a fault. send bitcoin or cash loaded credit cards to the heavily non-french or english accented “john”, at revenue canada. furthermore, please take note of those most affected by covid safety measures – it is not big money; no, big money has made giant money throughout the pandemic. those most affected are the little minions, the ones that earn only enough to pay their fair share of taxes.
let us play the risk of these vaccines against the risk of what covid will do to the vast, vast majority of the masses. if the vaccines prove to be entirely safe – j&j not looking appealing, and now astra/z having a harder time hiding the real numbers of adverse/deadly effects, such that ontario is stopping use as a first dose – they will still only have actually provided protection to a very, very small minority of the population. meanwhile, as the vaccines are new, we will not know of any fallout from any of them for quite a long time to come.
however, the cost of safety measures to livelihoods, to individuals, to health – mental and physical – is quite substantial. the cost to freedom may prove to be preposterous: covid vaccine passports to travel?!; will those expand to other right to movement freedoms, such as entering bars (some had already been using driver licence scans in order for patrons to gain admittance), retail etc? if one is vaccinated, and the vax works, are the vaccinated not then “protected?” no freedom lost is ever temporary, at least not without substantial fight over a long time to try and regain it.
there are real deaths that have been due to covid. however, since when do we victimise so many for so few? again, i am not talking little things like masks; and moreover, i favour the outright banning of international travel: it should have been stopped immediately; it should have been the first thing to be implemented, save for the return of citizens – but with MANDATORY AND REGULATED QUARANTINE. i am also not saying do not vax. i will fight for the right of anyone that wants one. but, i will also fight for the right of everyone that does not want one.
death is not a fun subject, particularly in our culture. however, it is a reality, and an inevitable reality. get used to it. embrace it. embrace each other simply knowing that we each come and go. however, please do not embrace one another – because it is now too scary and risky. lol
perhaps it might be good to embrace the fact that we are each just energy, and as such, we never die. how do we know this? because science is unequivocal in demonstrating that energy does not die, it moves on. and, the energy is real. it is why we can have a fully intact body, be it man or beast, outfitted with entirely healthy and functional parts, and yet it cannot be “alive” without the essence of that real and essential energy that such a body requires in order to be alive. it is why frankenstein remains a story and is not ever a reality. this does not mean we act without due care to others; it means that we value one another.
how we die is of course an issue, too. however, we have already been assured that covid is not a death sentence for any but a few. the numbers to date appear to support those assurances. covid is just one aspect of what can kill. however, it is not nearly among our biggest killers. we do not shut down people’s livelihoods and exert substantial controls over people because of the copious sugars that are loaded in our foods, and with which many people overload themselves (think diabetes, heart disease). we do not shut down people’s driving habits, nor factories, due to the pollution that prematurely kills far more daily than does covid. (not that we shouldn’t clean up our act).
perhaps we should offer a choice: get a covid vax, or sign off on eligibility for critical care should one get covid to such as degree.
i am not speaking against masks; i feel they are fair enough given that we do not yet know fully about covid…well, perhaps some well placed do know more of the real truth, but the vast, vast majority do not know much of anything. however, the subjective closure of businesses is a bs. close bars, gyms…but keep open walmart, costco, and winners. whatever is the amazing cloak of protection those magical corps have against covid? should they not at least be forced by law to share that magic cloak out with all other businesses?
one last thing to consider. we have shorted our health system for a long time. the number of critical care beds per capita seems rather tiny, as does the number of people presently serving/able to serve in health, as does the equipment available. we have long turned a blind eye, as well, to the reality of need of compassionate and decent long term care in canada. there will likely be far greater local and national emergencies to tend to than covid in the times to come. what the covid response demonstrates most is we are not ready for much of anything. we either are in denial, or our “leaders”, and us masses, do not really care enough to acknowledge the reality. 

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Fedup Conservative

You do know of course that those that don’t get vaccinated stand a much greater risk of getting it. The chances will likely triple , it has to find someone to attack.

A friends father and mother state they have no intention of getting it so their kids and grand children have told them that they won’t be included in the family anymore so don’t expect any visits from them.


i appreciate your entry, fed up. thank you. my concerns around the covid vaccines are further explained in a reply to john.
your other point is an example of many concerns that will plague us. and yet, if the extended family is vaccinated, what have they to fear?

John P Nightingale

Quite a lot to digest here.
Fact remains that vaccines, yes these new and rather quickly developed vaccines, do work. They confer immunity especially after the second dose. Such immunity confers higher numbers in the “herd “ concept of widespread immunity.
That there are more other causes of mortality amongst us is rather moot.
Eating sugars is our choice, driving drunk is our choice, biking without a helmet (guilty) is rather stupid but that effects mainly one’s self (OK drunk driving can and does kill innocents).
Most exposure from the virus comes from an individual coughing or breathing too close to another. Vaccines help reduce the viral load and lessens the chance of inserting its little self into another person.
It is no coincidence that acute care and ICU capacity is stretched to levels unseen for a very long time.
As is mentioned , we should have provided greater resources and planning for an inevitable pandemic but with over three million dead worldwide and well over 160 million infected , this is not your average annual viral event.
If everyone from the get – go had common sense restrictions (masks , temporary lockdowns and social distancing ) imposed federally ( I know provinces are in control an’ all that) but if they were and were actually followed, it is entirely possible we would not be in this mess.
But we are and if we are to arrive on the “other side” then following the rules and not attending rodeos and church gatherings to capacity, plus vaccine shots in arms, we will emerge relatively unharmed. (Current morbidity and critical cases notwithstanding)
Probably not.

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thank you, john, always a thoughtful entries from you.
i am, as might be gleaned here, still trying to size it up. as much seems to make sense as seems otherwise.
perhaps if reply just around my concern with the vaccines, and the push to vax everyone. no need to respond – i am not looking to use up your time.
you do well to share what most health and science professionals can share with us in a nutshell. that is also what most govts are using as the basis of their vax policies. where i am stuck on this is the consideration that, truly, how can “they” be so certain at so soon a juncture, let alone us? that is the issue with these new products – it is still very early days. there is at present only evidence to suggest; nothing is yet nearly iron clad.
in addition, unless i have missed the memo (and i am having trouble staying with the “news” on this anymore), the virus is of serious consequence to an extremely small percent of humanity. would the rollout of these vaccines then, be more prudent… worth the shot, so to speak … solely for those deemed most at risk? heck, there is a drive on now to vaccinate kids. kids may be testing positive for the virus, but are they having serious complications from the covids now, and to any significant extent? kids can carry the virus and spread it – i get that. however, if we return to the consideration that very, very few have a serious time with covid, so what? so long as those deemed most at risk are vaccinated., and better still, of course, that the vaccinations work as advertised.
if the vaccines work as we are told and sold, then the vaccinated are protected; and, being exposed to someone cannot then be an issue. i am vaccinated against many things, and so i am not a candidate for measles, for example. i do not need others to be vaccinated against measles in order for my vaccine induced immunity to work. in fact, i have been exposed to measles, and i was not affected.
i think it is at this juncture more reasonable to proceed with caution given that we are dealing with vaccines that have too little time and data behind them. as i note, the a/z vax is now showing to be of higher serious incidence than earlier. mind you, they may all prove to be as safe and effective as our best vaccines ever; but, is it not more reasonable to acknowledge that no one can say anything like that with certainty, yet?


Amazing explanation Mr. or Mrs. Biff. Unfortunately, many Canadians still living in the darkness era. That’s why a person in Geneva asked me: Why Canada belongs to the G-7? Only because is the second large country in the world? With this imaginary COVID-19, which attacks a “small % of the population”, Canada has shown to the world the lack of plans for the immediate future.


thank you. and, canada is a g7 member simply because we ride the coattails of the usa economy…and sadly, its culture. we could have much more wealth, and an economic and social system that would be the envy of the world, but so much of our wealth flows south and elsewhere. this is because our political and economic “leaders” have essentially sold the farm to the usa, and we simply buy back the produce…value added. we produce far too little in the way of manufactured/finished product, and we allow far too many sleaze bags to mine away our raw resources – our wealth – with too little in return, and with too much toxic pollution left behind for canadians to have to deal with.


That is exactly my point, Canada by itself is rich in resources, but internationally is treated as THIRD WORLD (who ever uses these words) country. Leaders haven’t been able to act by themselves, we are just another USA colony, where they can get manage business conditions. But the elite is the same. whatever the wealthy sells or buy, people are pushed to get it. The same French and British in Canada, control USA, but the loser is Canadian population, not the leaders. Back to the vaccine, even the Canadian Health Care doesn’t know what to do. Know you can see they started the second Phase. The first was to attack seniors and check out how many survived, now are teenagers, the sterilizing phase, eliminating the possible next generation. In that way, less population, more wealth to share, no with hard workers, no with low or media class, but only by the big monsters owner of the large factories, the large chemical instruments developers, the Banks, and, specially the developers of high technology.
Please Canadians stop being naive. Don’t trust everything coming from the leaders, wake up, spend 10 minutes doing international research. Cell phones are good instruments, Even UK have made public good information, Spain,


Vaccines have been known to kill too, Mr. Warren. Do you expect me to risk my life getting jabbed with substance that obviously has only proven to worsen the situation in order so you can live in safety without worry? Kind of selfish on YOUR part, don’t you think? Take responsibility for your own wellbeing first. Take your Vitamin D, and C. Get plenty of fresh air. Eat, drink and sleep properly as much as possible. Get your exercise. Wash your hands properly and frequently. These are all things you need to do yourself. No one else can do them for you. Stop making your safety entirely other peoples’ responsibility@ The more people are getting vaccinated, the worse the situation is getting. What’s going on?


“””The more people are getting vaccinated, the worse the situation is getting. “””
This is just a flat out LIE.
Your paranoid delusions are laughable.

Fedup Conservative

My senior friends and I call them damn cowards for not making sure that all of us are protected and all the idiotic excuses in the world can’t change it. I wouldn’t be surprised if their own families disowned them.
Deliberately creating a worse nightmare for our doctors and nurses is just being plain stupid. While the doctors warn us that booster shots will likely be required you know they think this isn’t going to go away any time soon.
After the way they have been treated by Albertans and this UCP phony conservative government I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of our doctors and nurses went else where to work. Can you blame them?


To Fedup, Do you think that all of the preventive instruments are for free? You pay for masks, for sanitizer, Vaccines are not free
Have you realized which companies make all of it? THE BIG INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.


All the illnesses you mention are worth remembering and we got through them because of vaccines. While many call it a ‘pandemic’ most don’t see it as a worldwide plague which it is. The book ‘Apollo’s Arrow’ written by Nicholas A. Christakis MD, PhD is worth reading (can be downloaded free through the library) as he covers plagues throughout the ages and provides useful information that anti-vaccers are ignoring.

old school

Not sure why the vacs are being promoted so much here.
The “rules “change almost daily,2 shots in 3 weeks,2 shots in 6 weeks,
yearly boosters,twice a year boosters,still need a mask after vac.,don’t need a mask after vac.,don’t mix yer 2nd shot vaccine ,oh now do mix!
There is nothing consistent and so far no evidence vaccine helps, lockdowns are worse lately and seems more people are being vaccinated.
Only person I know who died from COVID was after being vaccinated.
Says a lot to me!
“the more people getting vaccinated the worse it is” yea h2o it is worse now or we wouldn’t need this damn lockdown and restrictions! FACT.


There is no lockdown. As vaccinations increase, cases should decrease. FACT.
Sad you can’t comprehend that the science evolves in an ongoing pandemic.
Only one person you know died of covid? Gee, thanks for your statistical analysis! :::rolleyes:::

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old school

Roll your eyes at governments stats.
Seems schools are on lock-down – no kids allowed.
Rea$ that in the news though so mite not be real.


Babbling moron!