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Second disc golf course will bring more players to the city

By Letter to the Editor on May 14, 2021.

In response to an article on Page A1 of the Lethbridge Herald that appeared May 11, we would like to address some inaccuracies and lack of relevant background information.
Lethbridge West Lions Club Disc Golf Course is funded by the Lethbridge West Lions Club and other local sponsors and grants. The project is being managed by the Lethbridge Disc Golf Association, with assistance from the City of Lethbridge.
Accurate sources of information about this project include the Lethbridge Disc Golf Association, the City of Lethbridge, and the Lethbridge West Lions Club. None of these organizations were approached for information before this article was published.
While Craig Burrows-Johnson does have a history of involvement with disc golf in Alberta, he is in no way affiliated with any of these organizations.
Many months of consultation were done with City Parks in trying to find a large enough location to install a new disc golf course.
We are well aware the land will need work, but we know that it will grow into a championship level course over time, with the hard work of our volunteers. The first step in this project is to build a parking lot, which is happening in early June. Over time, we anticipate there will be washroom facilities as well.
The suggestion that 18 short holes could be installed in Legacy Ridge as an alternative is not viable in the least. There is far too much infrastructure in that park to safely install more than 3-4 holes.
Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In Lethbridge, our membership has doubled in the past year, and our tournaments are selling out within an hour, leaving a long waitlist of players being turned away. A second course will allow us to bring more players to our city; players who stay in hotels, campgrounds, and eat at restaurants and pubs.
Disc golf is a sport that anyone can play. Our league members range in age from five to 65. It is free to play, unlike traditional golf, and only a minimal amount of equipment is needed. It is a wonderful activity for spending time as a family or making new friends.
Disc golf is an excellent way to get exercise and spend time outdoors.
Disc golf is governed by the Professional Disc Golf Association, and its code of ethics: “Play smart, respect the course, represent the sport.” It is our hope that as our disc golf community continues to grow, so too will the partnerships that Lethbridge offers so that we may live, play and share in this wonderful community together.
Rebecca Johnson
Lethbridge Disc Golf Association

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