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Why not other places for a disc golf course than Peenaquim?

By Letter to the Editor on May 27, 2021.

Editor: Regarding Cindy Combs’ second well-stated letter of Saturday, May 22 (the first letter she wrote on Saturday, May 15 resounded with me and I’m sure many other dog park users, with her many well-stated points); the thing that shouts loudest was the surprise sign (a sign which had been professionally made and tamped into the earth, suggesting that the disc golf course was known about for a while) on the land.
I thought that maybe the orange marker flags meant an extension of the shale pathways, seeing how wide-range dog park users were going.
As I approached the ‘surprise’ sign the first time, I actually thought maybe that’s what the sign was stating! Silly me!
No seeming input from other park users of varying ages and physical abilities, those users being the many people with their furred companions.
Bet a plastic disc doesn’t give the same unconditional love and devotion that can be returned to our beloved companions by a carefree romp through big land!
Yet another action taken by the city with seemingly no input from all users of the area.
Why not Legacy Park; why not another flat piece of land in the industrial park owned by the City?
Did the City and Lethbridge Disc Golf Association and Lethbridge West Lions consult with the expert golf course designer of 20+ years, Craig Burrows-Johnson, before getting the plan set in motion? Bet not!
And last but not least I still am concerned about meadowlark and other small creatures’ areas being razed, among other wildlife disruption issues.
Pat Derksen

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[…] Why not other places for a disc golf course than Peenaquim?  Lethbridge Herald […]


Let’s just keep our dogs unleashed and they can go “catch” all the frisbees being thrown… therefore frustrating the frolfers out of the park!


Having recently travelled that area I was surprised at the state of this location being discussed. Looks like a dump with mounds of dirt in numerous locations. The disc golf would be a massive improvement. If one worries about the meadowlarks and field mice, I suggest getting the dog park out of there, as well as softball valley and the range. Make it a no fun zone. So tell us what does a “professionally designed and tamped sign”have to do with your comments, what is your point? The dog park as it exists, fenced and of substantial size, appears large enough for the foo foo’s of the world to get their exercise, frolic, smell each other and relieve themselves. The disc golf to the area will be an improvement as the area of your concern currently looks like a dump. Failing that, go behind the radiology clinic on Scenic where rover can meet a whole bunch of new friends frolicking in rattlesnake territory, while owners pass the time of day discussing the latest deworming, grooming, size of stool, and feeding techniques. (Tongue in cheek here, have a laugh).