June 24th, 2024

CityLink system just a massive budget cut to transit

By Letter to the Editor on June 3, 2021.

The new “cityLINK” transit system is another disgraceful failed experiment that increases the price of poverty.
The city needs to be transparent that this is a massive budget slash and nothing more.
If people who have the privilege of a car, whether driving on their own or through uber, were ever going to take the bus, they would have by now.
Debora Simon

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Southern Albertan

Related to municipal funding cuts by the Kenney UCP? When these sorts of funding cuts happen it brings back memories of an apt Lethbridge physicians’ comment at the time of the Klein era health care funding cuts….”People have to decide what they want.” While $billions are lost on iffy pipelines, corporate tax cuts, corporate welfare handouts, cheap open-pit coal mine land leases? Not for me!

Guy Lethbridge

I long standing peeve of mine was full size City busses obediently driving their routes empty. What does it cost to do that? If this addresses that, then I’m all for it.