June 14th, 2024

Watch Kenney put his own spin on vaccination lottery

By Letter to the Editor on June 4, 2021.

Down cross the line American states are offering free beer, million dollar lottery tickets and all sorts of neat rewards to get people to get vaccinated.
It’s a pretty good idea and I expect the Alberta government to announce their own incentive program any day now.
However, knowing this government as I do I fully expect our boy Jason will put his own spin on things and announce a grand prize of truly Albertan proportions.
Yes… you too can be the proud owner of your very own abandoned oil well!
Get the jab and get the shaft!
Politics. Don’t you just love it!
Ken Sears

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Seth Anthony

Similar tactics used all over the world to get people vaccinated is a good thing. The author even states such.

Kenney has made serious and blatant blunders, but this letter is merely a childish low blow.

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Southern Albertan

My take on this is that is we are being so screwed by this Kenney UCP, anything is possible. The irony……

Seth Anthony

No, the irony is you just proved my point.

Southern Albertan

No, the irony is signifying the opposite of your point. 🙂

Seth Anthony

No, the irony is you don’t know what irony means.

Southern Albertan

I do, so agree to disagree, I guess.


Well that was fun 🙂

This is Seth Anthony. I was logged out of the site again, and it won’t produce a captcha to log me back in. This is the account I use when I can’t log in on my account.

Southern Albertan

Right! Yes, the captcha can be a problem.


Oh look…Southern tried to make a funny veiled in an insult. How sweet.

Do you have a reading comprehension problem as well? Based on this and our previous conversations, I would say so.

Anyway, as I said, it asks to enter the captcha, but THE CAPTCHA ISN’T PRODUCED (it doesn’t appear).

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to take any of the covid vax’s available is a difficult decision – or, it should be. the cos producing them know too little about the long term effects, and not nearly enough about these products overall. it is further surreal that so many folk that know so much less about vaccines, the human body, viruses and such, talk the talk like they are immersed experts in the field; sound-biter experts.
even the family doctor knows too little. let us acknowledge where one’s “knowledge” on synthetically produced “medicines” comes from: the maker. yes, we have a govt’l oversight body on pharm produced drugs, but they examine the “results” derived from the pharm – they do not run their own tests over the course of the necessary years because they do not have the time or the resources. the family doctor knows about as much on any drug as the pharm sales pitchperson and pamphlet relates, and again, everything defaults back to the pharm’s “results”. in fact, because the info is protected proprietary knowledge – a BIG SECRET – how does any other body than the pharm really get to review much of anything substantive?
moreover, keep in mind that so many pharm derived medicines create issues in the body, because they are foreign entities. thus, the body very often reacts, and thus, the pharm can load on another drug or two to try and counter the reaction. however, the body is nevertheless always on alert, fighting with whatever the product introduces. and all of this is “normalised” into a tidy little medicine chest of an organiser that holds a handful of pills to be swallowed on a daily basis. shucks – always another add on med, but never a cure.
this is why the cos behind the vax’s have worked in earnest to ensure they are without any legal liability for any issues that may arise; it is why the cdn feds are offering some level of compensation for “serous and long term side effects” related to vax’s…and good luck proving what might qualify as to being “serous” and “long term”.
so, to try and sway the fence sitters with what amounts to sensationalist bribery is irresponsible, especially at this juncture. but, hey, everyone is an expert on everything today, aren’t they?
i am not anti-vax; i am chock full of them. however, not all of them are equally robust, or even ethical…especially many of the more recent concoctions. i will say, however, that i have never had a reaction to tetanus vax, but the recent one i accepted that includes pertussis and diphtheria came with effects. never to leave well enough alone is likely the pharm mantra. and, never again will i take that combo.
i am also not in the least in favour of the current practice of defaulting medicines to the hands of cos that are geared for profit making. i am also opposed to our govts giving away public money – and a ton of it – to for profit pharm cos, with nothing in return, save for party donations from the cos.
i suggest the best way forward – to ensure safety and integrity – would be to fund universities in canada to pursue cures foremost, in addition to treatments, and, with as much cooperation among the universities as is possible. the resulting products, born of integrity, would then be shared with the rightful owners, canadians, free or at cost recovery, much like a toll.

Seth Anthony

Well, we’re not going to know if there are any long term effects unless a lot people get the vaccine…and like you said, good luck trying to prove it even if there seems to be long term effects.
The sooner most get the vaccine, the sooner 100% can get back to work and start enjoying life to the fullest again.

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seth, just not sure how you can get behind your last line. or anyone, for that matter. i support your right to your body, though. and wish everyone, with or without a vax, the best of luck going forward.

Seth Anthony

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say Biff.

My last sentence is true, but if I was able to have it my way, there wouldn’t have been any lockdowns to begin with. More specifically, I would have immediately closed the borders, then let the people decide what they wanted to do. If some wanted to isolate, then fine. If some wanted to wear a mask, then fine. If some wanted to do nothing and let Covid run its course, then fine.
So there’s that. What I wouldn’t have done, is throw millions of people out of work, destroy businesses, harm the health of people, and significantly increase taxes, all for something that has little to no effect on the vast majority of the people.

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it can be read to suggest that taking the vax’s is the best way forward; thus, suggesting that we truly know the vax’s are safe enough, or safer than than covid even, for all. however, your following entry provides a different perspective. we agree on some points you make here fully. indeed, the borders should have been locked down, and covid itself would have hardly touched us: it began in china ( i feel in a lab and not in one of their nasty animal cruelty markets, nor from bats [the battiest of all theories on this]) and therefore the only way it gets here is via travelers. what was even more despicable than not closing the borders was telling us the border with the usa was closed, which has also proven quite the lie. people could fly to and fro – and with just a voluntary quarantine lol; people now are skirting the ineffective int’l “quarantine” laws (how is the usa is not also defined as int’l is beyond my scope of understanding) simply by flying from wherever to the usa, and coming to canada via foot or cab or e-scooter, and just moseying along into canada without much attention as though covid is nothing. we agree also that businesses should not have been shut down. however, we do not agree with masks: i feel the masks have been helpful – not perfect – and that it is useful to ensure they are worn in places of business indoors, and outdoors in places where gatherings would mean people are too closely packed. mind you, the masking would not even be an issue had the fools just shut the borders for real. amazing the bs reasoning: “we cannot stop people from coming and going…but we can stop people from running their businesses and undermine their ability to earn a living.”
how do people still bring themselves to vote? in australia, well before covid, the liars and connivers must have become so threatened by people not voting to legitimise the fake system that they enacted a law that forces people to vote for the fake system! a sublime, orwellian irony: “democracy” underwritten by a force equal to totalitarianism.

Seth Anthony

Any leader in their right mind would have immediately closed the borders. Instead we have an empty suit, politically correct, “I don’t want to offend anyone” dolt for a leader that kept them open. So now, we’ve got devastation that is far more profound than it should have been. As far as I’m concerned, he’s got blood on his hands and should be held accountable.

Also, I agree with your point on masks. It wasn’t really a main point of mine, and virtually all people are ok with wearing a mask.

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those with the quicky-quacky minuses: have you no support for your opinions? can you share your ideas as to why you disagree with this or that? if nothing else, i would love to discuss my last paragraph. salk brought about the vax for polio through his work at the university of pittsburgh; insulin treatment was discovered by banting and best through their work at the u of toronto. on the other hand, that great “wonder drug” thalidomide – which was fast tracked and sold in 46 countries under 65 different brand names – was created by a for profit company, chemie gruenethal, a german pharm company.

Seth Anthony

Be careful Biff. I suspect that like myself, when you question aspects of vaccines, you’ll be erroneously accused of being an antivaxxer, and then they’ll follow up by calling you a flat earther as well. This isn’t just true for vaccines though. People have a way of assuming you’re anti “something” just because you question certain aspects of that something. It’s ridiculous assumption, but very prevalent.

My fundamental problem with the vaccine industry, is that much of it no longer has to do with health, but with profit. This is rather evident when pharmaceutical companies try to scare parents into giving their kids (even babies) vaccines for diseases and illness to which there is about a 0 percent chance that they will contract such a disease. Furthermore, in the very rare chance that they contract such a rare illness, it’s easily treatable without with no long term effects.

My other problem with vaccines, is administrating them to kids and babies all at one time. Those immune systems are still trying to develop, and if you bombard those immune systems with an onslaught of unnatural circumstances, then it seems to me that you’re going to cause serious damage to that developing immune system. When I say “serious damage”, I mean a damaged immune system that manifests itself as death inducing immunological disorders.

It was around the late 80’s that kids started receiving said immune system onslaught, and following that, the rates of immunological disorders in kids skyrocketed. We now have unnatural amounts of kids and adults with serious asthma, serious food allergies, and serious skin disorders such as Eczema. All of these things are caused by a damaged immune system. Is it just a coincidence that the incidence of these damaged immune systems coincided with the vaccine onslaught administered to kids and infants?

The alarming rise in immunological disorders has prompted numerous studies to try and determine the cause. From what I’ve come across, all these studies were able to rule out things like, change in diet, change in environment, too much “cleanliness”, etc. All of the studies I found concluded that they’ve ruled out every possibility they could think of. Their conclusion was, “We couldn’t find the cause”. YET, not one study that I came across looked into needless vaccines, or the effects of administrating a multitude of vaccines, all at once, to a developing immune system. It seems to me that for whatever reason, the elephant in the room wasn’t even considered as a possibility.

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thanks for a fine entry. and, i will repeat my preference: medicines/vaccines/cures are best kept in the public domain and researched and developed at our universities. as you well note, the pharms are about profit foremost. their intent is wealth. and never a cure, go figure.