June 14th, 2024

Exciting times

By Letter to the Editor on June 5, 2021.

Editor: On May 26, Alberta’s government announced our Open for Summer Plan. This is a three-stage plan that lays out a clear path to safely removing all public health restrictions and getting Alberta back to normal.
Alberta’s Open for Summer Plan stages are based on reaching vaccine targets and declining rates of hospitalization. Stage one can proceed two weeks after 50 per cent of Albertans aged 12+, and hospitalization rates are below 800. Stage two will commence two weeks after 60 per cent of Albertans 12+ are vaccinated with one dose, and hospitalizations are below 500. And stage three will be launched two weeks after 70 per cent of Albertans 12+ have received at least one dose.
Thanks to the great efforts made by Albertans, we reached stage one on June 1. Stage one allows outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people, personal and wellness services to be open by appointment, restaurant outdoor patios are open for groups of four in the same household, outdoor sports and recreation up to 10 people, and retail allowing up to 15 per cent of fire code occupancy.
The progress Alberta has made on vaccines is continuing to move our province in a positive direction. More than 60 per cent of Albertans 12+ have already been vaccinated with one dose, allowing our province to go into stage two as early as June 10 if hospitalization rates are below 500 – which as I am currently writing this is in the 400s.
Stage two will see the opening of movie theatres, libraries, museums, galleries, and other indoor recreation centres open at one third capacity. Restaurants will be able to serve customers indoors and outdoors with a limit of six people per table, retail will be allowed to have one third capacity, places of worship will be open at one third capacity, indoor fitness will be open for solo and drop in activities and indoor fitness classes, with social distancing, outdoor gatherings can have 20 people, and much more.
Once we reach stage three, Albertans can see all restrictions lifted, including the ban on indoor social gatherings. The only restriction remaining will be isolation requirements for confirmed cases and some protective measures in continuing care settings.
This is a very exciting time for Alberta. We are well on our way towards stage three, as vaccination rates are rising towards 70 per cent.
I want to express my gratitude to my constituents who have received their vaccine and done their part to be safe. The end to these restrictions is within sight, we just need to stay the course to limit the spread, and if you are able to, please get vaccinated. It is safe and is the best way to achieve herd immunity.
Joseph Schow
MLA Cardston-Siksika

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Southern Albertan

Well, the jury is appearing to still be out on these ‘exciting times.’ Certainly Alberta doctors are warning about ‘reopening’ too fast and ‘relying on lagging indicators.’ Time will certainly tell by this fall. For example, and in the meantime a new variant, the B.1.617, “the more transmissible delta variant of coronavirus, first identified in India, is taking hold in Ontario.” How long will it take for it to arrive in Alberta, if not already.
“Vigilant and cautious: Doctors group wants Calgary to cancel Calgary Stampede. Group warns Alberta’s ‘Open for Summer’ plan is rushed”


“exciting times” LOLOLOL – absurd! about as exciting as eating your veggies so as to be allowed some dessert. oh boy! about as exciting as getting bent and taking one for the team so as to be allowed to go and play…for a few minutes, anyway. oh joy! for the sake of the very many, i sure hope each of the vax’s prove safe. but hey, big pharm never errs, right?

John P Nightingale

“Exciting times”? Understanding epidemiology and specifically a little thing called “variants “, suggests to me that these are “dangerous times”.
This is a copy and paste of a submission to Alberta Health, the premier and Shandro. (Thus far no response)
“Regarding the Phase Three opening scheduled for early July.
Contrary to what our premier, health minister and to some extent our MOH* have stated, WE HAVE NOT “CRUSHED” this virus. Corralled it yes but lifting the mask mandate in phase three is counter – productive and extremely dangerous, especially with the spread of the B 1 . 617 variant.
Not bowing to right wing pressure and maintaining a sound by – law, is a small price to pay compared with potentially risking the health and possible deaths of more Albertans.
We, myself included , have sacrificed much this last year and thus it is extremely frustrating that our leaders are opening up prematurely and discarding mandatory masks when inside. Just a few weeks more , would have allowed for more Albertans to have received the second and arguably most important dose of the vaccine.
(Personal information)

* Dr Hinshaw has been thus far, a sound voice of reason but by her support of this latest (it will not be the FINAL) phase , she must be under immense political pressure from our premier and health minister.
I but the blame squarely on both Kenney and Shandro both of whom have not responded to my earlier inputs and really do not exhibit any sound understanding of this still tenuous situation.


Yes Joseph these are exciting times indeed! And a huge Congratulations to Kenny and company for steering us here without a total meltdown. There will be brighter times ahead!

Fedup Conservative

The worse record in North America for handling the covid crisis and Johnny thinks he is a hero. Way to go Johnny just keep telling us how ignorant you are. It is fun to laugh at your stupidity.


He loves taking the idiot stance.