June 17th, 2024

Censoring speech on social media unacceptable

By Letter to the Editor on June 12, 2021.

Regarding the legislation of censoring freedom of speech on social media – this is unacceptable! When a government decides to change the law in order to give themselves an advantage, this is when the leaders of that government should stop, look back at history, and realize their greed, their desire for power, and their own agenda is taking precedence over the will of the people.
When a government decides that they know best, that the few at the top are going to change the democratic function of the entire country, red flags are waving erratically, the warning bells are are ringing in the ears of all those who value their freedoms over the opinions and tenets of a few at the top.
Freedom of speech is the leveler that keeps those in power grappling for less resistance and more power. Who does the Prime Minister think he is that he can be the one to decide what the citizens of this country are allowed to say? How dare the government rule that the rest of the country has to have the same ideas and values as they? Unbelievable!
As a citizen of Canada, I furiously object to any infringement upon my rights to speak and opine as I feel my conscience dictates!
Jennifer Heninger

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All social media is guilty of censorship. One of the worst is Canada’s CBC.If you dare to challenge their woke leftist views and attempt to comment pointing out facts contrary to their views they will automatically delete your comments. It is almost as bad as living under a communist regime. Freedom of speech no longer exists in this country.

John P Nightingale

Oh please. Check around the world and then ask yourself the same question concerning this country. Russia, China, N Korea, multiple African nations……