June 22nd, 2024

Explanation needed on green bins

By Letter to the Editor on June 25, 2021.

It appears the city council has now burdened us with another bin (green).
Could you have a member of the city council outline for us receiving them, how they are to be used, specifically how what’s being put in the bins and how they are to be handled. My thinking is we may have to add several disposable bins in our kitchen so we can separate what’s being put in the green bins!
I would appreciate you having one of the council members clarify this for us. Thanks.
Larry McNamara

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Patio cushion holders.

Citi Zen

I plan to use for off-season storage of patio cushions.

Fedup Conservative

Gee guys it’s been in use in St.Albert and Sherwood park for about 15 years and we start using it next week in Edmonton. You don’t hear any of them complaining about it. The people were smart enough to figure it out, so why aren’t you?


Why do you call yourself FC? You have not got one conservative bone in your body!


the green bins are for storing our inflated money; soon, a green bin stuffed full will equal one loaf of bread.

Seth Anthony

The scary thing is, this isn’t a bad joke. It’s an inevitability.

Fedup Conservative

Do you mean like electing a damn Liberal, turned Reformer, pretending to be a conservative, while he deliberately tries to destroy everything our conservative hero Peter Lougheed created for us?
I haven’t forgotten the study I read a few years ago that proved Albertans were 42% more likely to be fooled by politicians than any other Canadians and boy did we prove it in the last election.
Those of us who have relatives in other provinces know how stupid they think we are and we have certainly proven it.

Seth Anthony

FC asked: “Do you mean like electing a damn Liberal, turned Reformer, pretending to be a conservative, while he deliberately tries to destroy everything our conservative hero Peter Lougheed created for us?”

No. I don’t mean anything like that at all.

My comment refers to the our political system as a whole. Be it municipal, provincial, or federal.

My comment refers to the cronyism, greed, vote buying, virtue signaling, corporate lobbying, etc, etc, which will inevitably lead to our money being worthless.

My comment refers to the solution of abolishing our system of destructive and divisive political parties.

My comment refers to the solution of abolishing the federal government as we know it, and instituting direct democracy at the provincial and municipal level in a similar manner to Switzerland.

Fedup Conservative

I certainly agree with you there . The whole system has become a farce and you can’t trust any of them. Although Notley was the closest thing to Lougheed that we have ever seen. She was on the right track to get us out of the financial mess we are in. It is all about money and filling their pockets and their rich friends with taxpayers money.

A lawyer friend said it best, before he passed away.
“These damn phoney conservatives are deliberately helping their rich friends steal our oil and tax wealth, and it’s all legal because stupid Albertans keep re electing them and letting them do it.”

I think Albertans have finally woken up and realized that we have been screwed big time and they will put a stop to Kenney and his band of fools.


well said – could we throw in some real laws that include serious jail time and repayment and fines for those that are found guilty of corruption?

Seth Anthony

Of course we could!

In a direct democracy, we make the laws.

In our current system, laws are made by vested interest politicians, banks, insurance companies, oil companies, and the elite. All of those people want to avoid a true democracy, because a true democracy would mean an end to their corruption and power.

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

we are quite together on this. not sure how it is that still so many are quite content to play ping pong with tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, and continue to legitimise a nasty corrupt system. i have been an adult since the worst of the sleaze, beginning with mulroney and his cronies, and then, without fail, every other fed govt since; same provincially. the level and breadth of the sleaze has grown so brazen…best not to get me started…again 🙂

Fedup Conservative

To biff and Seth I can honestly say I have never liked any one prime minister in my life time, no matter whether they were Conservative, Liberal and I certainly don’t like these damn Reformers who are hell bent on forcing us into a lot more privatization while they screw us out of our health care and tax revenue, as lawyers and former MLAs from the Lougheed have pointed out over the years. Stephen Harper was a complete disaster. Taking Canada from a $19 billion surplus to a $151 billion debt, and Kenney is doing the same thing.

Fedup Conservative

My sister has the right idea . She has said for years. We have got to get rid of these stupid political parties and run our elections like they do in the the towns and cities where the right person is elected for the job and no one cares what party they support.

Seth Anthony

Just because there is no such thing as a political parties in the municipal system, doesn’t make it a direct democracy for these reasons:

1) In a direct democracy, the people can easily “fire” any elected official. A municipal example of this, is that Spearman would have been fired by the people about 3 years ago for various reasons, along with 2 or 3 council members who have blatantly shown bias and vested interest.

2) Anyone over 18 can raise an initiative. If it gets enough support, it goes to the people for a vote.

3) In general, the elected officials can’t spend taxpayer’s money without the taxpayer’s permission.

With that said, direct democracy has a characteristic that might be even more important than those 3 characteristics. That characteristic, is that the elected officials in a direct democracy, don’t have any ego, vested interest, bias, etc. They also don’t see themselves as being “better” or “higher up” than the rest of us. They know themselves to be servants of the people’s will and nothing more. Nor can they be influenced (bribed and coerced) into pursuing the will of the corporations.

Anything less than direct democracy is inevitably destructive. More importantly, anything less than direct democracy is a form of servitude to the elite.

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

great points. the only way direct democracy works is by ensuring that the right of the individual to their choices is never abridged, and that freedom/privacy are not negotiable. without that being staunchly protected, direct democracy can be cronied up, and tyranny will inevitably thrive.

Seth Anthony

I don’t know what you mean. Can you give an example?

Has such a thing occurred in Switzerland?

Also, even in a direct democracy, there is still a charter / constitution of human rights.

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

as it stands in our society, real liberty is often illusive, and this is often due to our religious conditioning. we also have too many court rulings that water down liberty with the words: “an acceptable limit on rights and freedoms.” most of those such decisions have come, ironcially, since our charter of rights and freedoms.
examples are: current drug laws, that negate the individual’s sole right to their body (a present issue); criminalising sexual preference/behaviour between consenting adults (mostly now past, but it should not ever come to be again); criminalising consensual marriage among more than 2 adults (present), (same sex marriage (past, but should not ever come to be again); random carding (present issue); surveillance of people without warrants, and collection of data/info by the state or other parties (present issue…huge invasion of privacy, and freedom/liberty are hinged upon privacy); checkstops simply to see if anyone is impaired, or carrying contraband (like carding, the state has no right to suspect or stop the free movement of anyone without just cause); right to access abortion (mostly past, but it must not be overturned); the right to manage one’s pain/health without requiring a third party to authorise (present); the right to die with dignity (somewhat past, but still a far too complicated issue)…. i guess what i am saying is there are areas where a majority has no place to impose its will on everyone. the examples i provide have the potential to lead to tyranny by the majority if we do not ensure that liberty/freedom are not negotiable.

Seth Anthony

If anything, the things you described would be far less prevalent in a direct democracy. One example of this, is the dying with dignity legislation in Switzerland.

In a referendum on 15 May 2011, voters in the canton of Zurich overwhelmingly rejected calls to ban assisted suicide or to outlaw the practice for non-residents. Out of more than 278,000 ballots cast, the initiative to ban assisted suicide was rejected by 85 per cent of voters and the initiative to outlaw it for foreigners was turned down by 78 per cent.

That’s why many go to Switzerland to die with dignity.

On top of all that, direct democracy eliminates all those things we both despise in our political system 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

once again, i appreciate your position on this. as “democracy” and “freedom” are getting ever the more watered down year over year, it is very necessary that voters come to terms with the reality of what they feel they are supporting.

Seth Anthony

Virtually all people erroneously believe that we live in a democracy. I don’t think they’re going to wake up any time soon.

Fedup Conservative

I asked a retired RCMP officer why it was taking so long to find out if Kenney cheated on winning the UCP leadership and he wasn’t sure why.


this is a massive concern…like so much with govt and the ultra wealthy privileged/connected, “justice” is slow and ultimately, nonexistent.


Lethbridge will save the planet Larry! And you can be a part of it.


Larry the Waste General Manager states you can dump lawn clipping 3foot shrubs fill up the tubs then their plan is to do away with the recycle trash departments then the recycle depots $1.5 million each. We had a meeting with the City manager & W&R general manager. We know that over 20,000 tonnes yearly of ICI’ business organic is being dumped in landfill cell #7for the past 5 years they have an exemption to targets. They are charged a special rate of $50 . tonne, regular tipping fee is$115.00 tonne the fund has over $5.9 MILLION probably used to build the new ICI organic facility which can handle 10,000tonnes of their organic, but they have not answered what they are going to do with the other 10,000 tonnes The residential,s have less the 5000 tonnes of organics will to cost them over $10,9m plus tipping fee to proposed $9.8 million organic facility. They have now dropped a 50% target reduction on residential 22,000 tonnes of waste and of which 5000 tonnes is organics. We have asked can City Council to define its approved Strategy on waste diversion. and how do they apply it to the ICI?