June 25th, 2024

Time to listen

By Letter to the Editor on June 30, 2021.

The government is finally letting up on restrictions and putting our province back to normal again. Certain members of city council have decided that they have more wisdom than the health authority! You have no right imposing your ideas about COVID over the health authority that has overseen this mess from the start. If Kenney says open up this province and take off masks. then the City of Lethbridge better follow suit. Another huge frustration: my daughter, her husband, and two daughters just spent $21 to get into Henderson for 90 minutes. This is absolute crap, and they should be allowed to stay as long as they want. The pool is almost empty. As well, what right do you have to keep restrictions on how many people go in the pool, still at 15 percent? You would think that we are at high COVID numbers again and we aren’t! Council better start listening to the anger of the citizens and stop denying us our freedoms! It is enough!
Jill Skriver

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John P Nightingale

Feel better?

This Red Neck Has No Neck

Where was your outrage when in direct contravention of the advice of health authorities, Councillors Hyggen, Parker and Mauro campaigned against masks? Of course, they will claim they were “only asking questions” or “fostering a public discussion”, but any thinking person knows those excuses are just smoke screens for shamefully pandering to particular constituencies.
And BTW, $21 for a family of four to enjoy Henderson Pool for 90 minutes works out to be $3.50 per person per hour. That’s pretty inexpensive entertainment. And one reason it is so affordable is because the costs of operating that facility are subsidized by revenue generated by municipal taxes, including those that I pay. You’re welcome.


Please Research the masks. The surgical mask gives 2% protection to the wearer because it is meant to protect the other people. If you are healthy there is very little need to wear a mask.

This Red Neck Has No Neck

And what’s your beef with taking measures to protect other people? I’m certain that you will know, because you’ve done your “research”, that one can carry the virus, shed the virus, and be asymptomatic.

Below is the conclusion from an article entitled: “Examining Common Characteristics Among Healthcare Personnel (HCP) Positive for COVID-19 and the Effectiveness of Healthcare Personnel Mask Use in Preventing COVID-19 in a Large Health System in Central Michigan”:

“Fourteen days after the requirement for HCP across the organization to wear masks throughout their shift was implemented, a 67% reduction in positive tests among HCP involved in a workplace exposure was observed.”

Here’s the citation: Journal of occupational and environmental medicine, 03/2021, Volume 63, Issue 3.

John P Nightingale



hoping there are numerous and thorough studies coming out of all this. the example provided demonstrates the value of masks. it seems probable that they undermined cold and flu season, too.


You’re joking, right?


i want my freedom, too. but, i do not want covid.
shutting down businesses was unacceptable; but masks, that law, as a temporary measure, barely registers on the loss of freedom scale .