June 17th, 2024

By any method, it’s all genocide

By Letter to the Editor on July 3, 2021.

Be it guns and swords to eliminate Armenians, or gas cambers to exterminate the Jews, or scimitars to eliminate Uzbekis in Iraq or brain washing prisons in China to “re-educate” Islamis, or residential schools to “assimilate” generations of aboriginal children in Canada, be it the body that is bludgeoned or the memory and mind destroyed, it’s all the same, it’s genocide.
T Gordon Leigh

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Citi Zen

Right, and the deaths of millions due to Covid was genocide, too. Like, really?..


Like, really? OMG, Gag me with a spoon.

Citi Zen

So you are saying the residential school deaths were genocide?? Who’s the idiot…..

This Red Neck Has No Neck

As I read the letter, Mr. Leigh is referring to Canada’s Residential School Policy, which we know was responsible for the deaths of thousands of children, as an act of genocide. I would argue that he is correct.
With reference to the UN’s Genocide Convention, to which Canada is a signatory, and reflecting on the stated objectives of the policy offered by then PM John A. Macdonald, among others, I contend that the use of the term genocide in the context of Residential Schools is spot on the mark.




ditto h2o’s entry. cit, you time and again sing your ignorance, bigotry, and racism in this forum. you never miss an “opportunity” to do as little. at this point in time, you consistently present as one dark speck of a thing. however, as you are still alive, there remains time for growth…and god knows, there remains a ton of space for you with which to come know more of love and compassion.


And here is a person who has no idea what they are comparing.
Unless they think that Covid19 infection spread is intentional.
But then: We go into the dark rabbit hole that is Cit’s brain.
That said: T. Gordon Leigh is absolutely correct.