June 18th, 2024

Sunridge water quality a sad state of affairs

By Letter to the Editor on July 7, 2021.

The City of Lethbridge parks department recently advised citizens, in an item in this newspaper, to expect a lower level of parks maintenance due to a reduced number of staff. It is a worrisome development. In Sunridge, residents have sadly become used to a lower level of maintenance already and any further erosion is cause for concern.
The fountain in one of the Sunridge ponds has not worked at all this year and worked only intermittently last year and the year before. The stump of the useless fountain now serves as a perch for ducks.
The waterfall ran briefly this spring but has also ceased to function. The poorly maintained boardwalk, once a popular viewing area for waterfowl, heaved beyond repair last winter and has since been removed.
With no water flow or water movement, the Sunridge ponds have become stagnant, smelly sloughs with rampant algae growth. The number and variety of birds, a source of enjoyment particularly during recent pandemic restrictions, has diminished and is likely a result of poor water quality.
I undertook a survey of parks near Sunridge – by bicycle, the better to conduct a more accurate visual, olfactory and auditory assessment of conditions. The fountain and the waterfall in the William Pearce Park in Riverstone are functioning and flowing. The waterfall in The Canyons Park is also flowing freely and gurgling merrily. The fountains and waterfall at the entrance to the Paradise Canyon neighbourhood are similarly lovely, with fresh, flowing water.
Queries to the city about the sad state of affairs in Sunridge indicate the department is “waiting for parts.” If it takes months and years to acquire the needed parts, an alternative source should be found. And if fountains in other parts of the city work well and obviously have the needed parts, why doesn’t the one in Sunridge?
I can appreciate that for every user of a city park, there is an opinion on how things should be done differently or better. We do not expect the parks department to walk on water. However, the citizens of Sunridge will soon be able to do so, unless the problem of algal growth and stagnant water is soon addressed.
B. Glen

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what is the issue with “ponds” and “lakes” in lethbridge? is it rocket science beyond the gist of humankind to create reasonably healthy waters? as the old saying goes: looks good from far, but is far from good. really, for the big money we pay to the various people in charge of things here, could we actually hire people that know what they are doing?