June 15th, 2024

Mayor deserves thanks for grilling mine operators

By Letter to the Editor on July 9, 2021.

Thanks are in order to our mayor for the grilling he gave the coal mining fast talkers when they came to Lethbridge.
They had believed that a little unsubstantiated reassurance would suffice to change Albertans’ negative regard for coal mines in our eastern mountain slopes.
It seems Aussies suffer under the illusion that Canada has vast empty space and huge volumes of unused clean water to be wasted on developments for the advantage of foreign corporations.
Not only would Albertan politicians be easy; willing to trade resources for little return, and demand very little in clean-up guarantees.
I wonder where they got that idea from?
Don Ryane

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Apparently they are also under the illusion Canada is a business friendly place for resource development.

Southern Albertan

Yes, thanks to their shameful Kenney UCP partners handing out coal land leases for pennies on the dollar, low royalty rates, poor environmental regulations, and being the shameless cooperative politicians/government that the UCP are. That the Kenney UCP has betrayed Albertans with regard to catering to carpetbagging open pit coal miners, is unconscionable.