June 24th, 2024

Police need to crack down on noisy motorcycle exhaust pipes

By Letter to the Editor on July 10, 2021.

Another Street Wheelers weekend upon the city of Lethbridge and it is a welcome event – two days of watching and listening to cars.
What does the city police do? Announce they wiil be watching for stunting and noisy cars. Noisy cars?
Have the citypolice ever enforced Alberta Highway Traffic Act 61(1)? Not that I know of. It states that mufflers are required for internal combustion engines – that includes you lawn mower and yes motorcycles.
For six – eight months of the year, we get to ‘enjoy’ the sound of motorcycles with straight pipes and boy do they love to rev those big boys up. The more noise they make the happier they are.
Do the police ever ticket a biker for no muffers? No, but this weekend they will be after any car that they feel is too loud.
I once asked a police officer about enforement of the muffler law and he said he didn’t care about it – not high on his priority list. He further stated that some officers have issues that they aren’t willing or care to enforce. If you are going after noisy cars then go after motorcycles with straight pipes. PS. To those that follow the biker mantra that “loud pipes save lifes,” how about wearing a bright, colourful safety vest and mounting a flag pole on your bike with a flag for visibilty.
In closing, let the Street Wheelers enjoy the weekend or start inforcing the law for all.
Reed Spencer

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Yes Reed and if it was not the noisy mufflers then it would be something else right! A few days a year and you can’t suck-it-up for that small amount of time? Street wheelers attracts people and money to our little city and gives us a much needed diversion from this pandemic.

Seth Anthony

Ya know, it is possible to have a nice hot rod / muscle car without it being obnoxiously loud 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

johnny. You need to reread his post. He is not anti-street wheelers but anti-loud mufflers and the apparent lack of enforcement the rest of the year!


Agree totally, Reed, it’s disgusting these small-d**ked slobs need to flex their manhood by cracking the throttle…Oooo, hear me.. look how cool I am…pffft.
While we’re at it, how about these attention-seeking morons with their 1500+ watt subwoofers who like to crank it to the point of inducing nausea to everyone within 100 feet at a stop light.
These things have their time & place and knock yourself out, but elsewhere on our public streets and areas, quit being self serving asses.


I can’t help but wonder what your perspective would be if you and Seth Anthony had played with cars in your formative years instead of fixating on penis sizes.


Fixated? You must be, to suggest something that stupid. I still play with cars as an old guy.
Find someone else to ‘wonder’ about, clown.


Let’s not forget the high polluting smoke blowing modified diesel trucks. Loud, smelly and awful sounding.

Seth Anthony

Guys with loud vehicles think they’re tough and cool. Everyone else thinks they’re obnoxious douche-bags.

I think I’ve said this before, but here’s a way to solve the problem almost overnight: Put a few signs on the major roads that say:

Loud vehicle? The society for low self esteem and small penis syndrome can help you!

Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Anthony

the letter states a valid concern. it is indeed over the top at street wheelers, but extra loud vehicles…and as h2o notes, sub woofers (i guess some “music” is so bad that the incessant thumping is required) are cranked to the hilt are moronic. ditto the idiot action that is flooring it with your diesel truck.