June 17th, 2024

An apology to Kenney

By Letter to the Editor on August 7, 2021.

I am writing to apologize to Premier Jason Kenney and the UCP government of Alberta. I am sorry that I was wrong about your government. I have come to realize that Jason Kenney is actually a brilliant scientist and health expert and I would like to recommend he be established as World Supreme Emperor. A true pioneer in handling the COVID-19 crisis, Emperor Kenney alone among all the world leaders, has found the solution to stop the virus! It was so simple. Ignore it! Stop testing so that you wouldn’t have any new cases.
I do have to give that other recent great leader, President Donald Trump some of the credit for this line of thinking. If no one is wearing a mask or staying home from work when they are sick with COVID-19, it doesn’t really exist, right? Brilliant! Bravo!
This can go so much farther. Climate change? Stop doing measurements of CO2. Stop tracking changing weather patterns. Ignore it and it is just business as usual. If we would just stop collecting all that data, all the world’s problems will simply disappear! I am so excited for the future!
As a special gift to Kenney, I had a new set of clothes tailored for him. They are very expensive but I’m sure he will be proud to wear them. For those that aren’t familiar with the old fable written by Hans Christian Andersen, just google (or use your favourite search engine), “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. As a footnote, for those that believe Deena Hinshaw was the one whom acted alone and made the most recent choices to lift all restrictions, you can also order a new set of clothes from my special tailor.
Doug Cameron

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Pretty snide. Kenney isn’t dumb enough to NOT follow the advice of the health experts he has surrounding him. I point specifically to Dr. Deena Henshaw who was so graciously appointed by the former NDP government in January of 2019.

John P Nightingale

Talking about “snide”…..


Another meaningless “sound bite” by his Royal Progressiveness.

John P Nightingale

Anything to add J57? As with your other comments in these threads , merely criticizing anyone not Conservative or who have other points of view , writing cynical innuendos and offering nothing concrete, really is not at all helpful – easy to sling child like barbs when you refuse to “comment” under your own name.

John P Nightingale

Anything to add? Cynical remarks without substance add nothing to the conversation. Hiding behind the cloak of anonymity and posting childish dispersions is easy. Perhaps, instead of merely one liners directed at me or others who you disagree with , include your reasoning. Should be easy for you to do that – is it not?


Ahh I hit a nerve! Just remember WHO threw the first knife while mine was in self-defense only. Let that bounce around your progressive skull for awhile!


You don’t hit any nerves, you just get on everyone’s nerves. Must be all the water sloshing around in your water-logged head. You’re the water expert, right? Better slow down around those corners, Mr. bus driver.


Bus Driver?? lol you are a bigger idiot than I know you are lol!


Probably the short bus..or more likely a passenger. duh.

John P Nightingale

Your’s was in “self defence”? 😅😂🤣 As to “who threw the first knife”? It was BW who chucked the sharp pointy thing. Typically, you merely proved exactly what I said. That is , I asked for “reasoning”. You provided none and still will not reveal your name.


He won’t. He’s a coward. He’s threatened he’ll lose his job. Such an ass.


Waterhead keep guessing! sooner or later you will stumble across the truth about Johnny. In the meantime I will watch you make a ass out of yourself….Very entertaining indeed!


Hiding?? From what?? A piece of worthless scum like you! Don’t worry assh.le we will meet but at MY convenience not yours.

Last edited 2 years ago by johnny57

Hopefully I’ll be reading your obituary.


Most likely I will be peeing on your grave waterhead with a big smile on my face!


I do not specifically mean this thread! Others on this site where you HAVE indeed thrown the first knife and am only to happy to reciprocate until you GROW-UP and that could not be for a while.

John P Nightingale

“Silence is golden”- especially when rebutting a rebuttal for one “J57”.


“So let it be said! So let it be done!”

Fedup Conservative

The fact is why are you dumb enough to listen to Kenney and his band of phony conservatives? Apparently you are one of the seniors who supports anyone who attaches the word conservative to their name and believes every lie they feed you, even when they are a well known Liberal, turned Reformer, has never been a true conservative like Klein and Kenney and don’t care what they do to us.
Ignoring what people are saying about them doesn’t make you look very smart , but you don’t care. Apparently you are right and everyone else isn’t.. But don’t stop showing the world how ignorant you are. It gives the true conservatives someone to laugh at .


Skip-skip-skip You can get that skip fixed in your comments FC! I am sure by now they have a APP for that.


Do you not understand sarcasm?


Do you not understand who he was replying to?


And Deena Henshaw has had to navigate the stupidity as laid out in front of her by the Government in power.
Not her fault that directives from the buffoons in the “Chosen by God” Party don’t give flying duck about anything except their libertarian BS.
While we watch the UCP tear down everything that a functioning society needs (With the excuse of fiscal management. Which is the biggest joke: The fiscal mis-management of the UCP is beyond reckoning).
The entire UCP should have to pay all their wages back into Provincial coffers.
They should also have to apologise for their bungling. Not only to the people of Alberta…but to their God as well.

Fedup Conservative

Well said Doug. This phony conservative , Reformer, has certainly proven what a damn fool he is and his failing popularity proves it.
The worse covid management record in the world and he finds it smart to cut doctors, nurses, and teachers wages after all they have been through and his ignorant supporters don’t care. Just too dumb to understand it.


love the perspective


Good one.

Les Elford

Mr. Cameron, please accept this as my deep and sincere thanks for your brilliant commentary. Your ability and style for identifying what the real issue appears to be within the UCP experiment and it’s leader is spectacular. I sense there are more, lots and lots of more people who feel the same way. My hope is; they too will find the way to speak out. Somehow something feels very, very wrong with government and politics at all levels today. How much of the behavior, actions/inactions can be justified and excusable: feels to me to be inexcusable.
I hope I am not alone in my expectations of government and governance, but sadly in reality this is not what I bought and paid for and truly wish I could return it to the store and get my money back. But alas; the customer service department has been cut back, eliminated and no longer exists.

I really appreciate your ability to bring out the humor in this circumstance. I remember getting caught up in the ridiculousness of the original Donald Trump campaign. It was so bizarre; as an addictive reality TV show. Unbelievably, we have something similar now.

So to try to laugh at these antics is probably healthy, (better than throwing something at your TV every time a politician appears and opens his or her mouth.) If you, we, us…. can continue to laugh at them, and embarrass them enough, then maybe……, just maybe they too will see the ridiculousness in the notion they have the ability and deserve to be given the right to govern, when in fact, historically their now outdated policies and ideologies in fact created much of the circumstances we currently find ourselves in.

Perhaps I am being somewhat unfair in my critique. Hopefully we will continue to be able to critique government policy in the future. I grew up in an era where I foolishly did not do so. Now that I am older, I worry more, and am suspicious about the hidden political agendas and direction politicians seem to be trying to take us.

I constantly ask myself questions like; “why would a government want to establish it’s own (private) provincial police force? Yes there are significant issues with the RCMP, ranging from under staffed, under trained, under equipped, outdated bureaucratic supervision, toxic/sexist work environments.

But is a “new” police force going to fix that? Historically private police forces have not been a good thing for the people in many of the countries which introduced them. Based on the UCP’ past behavior and attitude a private police force in the hands of this government quite frankly scares the heck out of me.

Is it going to really be more cost effective? Politicians definition of “cost effective” seem to differ from many others definition. Much like politicians have their own concept and definition of “Cost of Living” and “Inflation”. Politicians ability to take the inflation hit |(average salary between $120,000 to $180,000 and higher depending whether MLA or MP on is so much better than the average working person’s ability with an average salary of approximately $55,000/year.

So many questions get conjured up in my mind, ones I never seemed to have to worry about, now I worry about my children and grand children’s future, if we do not speak out.

So I think you’re right laughing at their antics and embarrassing them as much as possible. It beats the alternative of rioting in the streets so many other countries have done, when their people have had enough “help” from their governments (which I would hate to see happen here in this country I love). Oh Canada, The True North Strong and Free,…… where are you going?

I’ve ranted enough became a bit dramatic I know. I apologize in advance.

Mr. Cameron; I like your style. Keep speaking out …… please!