June 14th, 2024

Election quiz may surprise voters

By Letter to the Editor on August 20, 2021.

Now that the federal election has been called, there will be many folks claiming their undying devotion to a certain party. “I’m a conservative through and through,” some will boast. Others might state; “I believe that the NDP fit me to a tee.” You get the idea. I’d like to hopefully open your eyes into how silly this is, with a very few exceptions. Go to https://canada.isidewith.com/political-quiz and answer every question. Make sure you expand each area to get the best results and indicate how strongly you feel about your answer. After you have finished, you will wait for a short time and then you will receive your results. I have done this several times over the years and the two parties I align with the most are always the same, which are Liberal and NDP. Most of the other parties shift around in the middle depending on their platforms of the day. Since they started including Libertarian as one of the political leanings, they always finish dead last.
They are lower than The People’s Party, which last time scored surprisingly high for me and the Communist Party. The very fact that I agree and disagree with various platforms of all the parties is why I vote for what I consider the best potential leader at the time. Just because I rate highest for say the Liberal Party, they don’t necessarily get my vote. In the past, I have voted for three different federal parties at different times. Go ahead, give the quiz a try. It might just open your eyes a wee bit. Regardless, before you vote on Sept. 20, take the time to study what the parties stand for and how much you believe and trust the person leading the party.
I have already started forming my opinion on each leader, based on their pre-election performance so far.
Doug Cameron

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Southern Albertan

I did the quiz and my answers matched my political belief system and which political party gets my vote.


there in lies the problem. you are to vote for the best person to represent your riding, not the party. and that person should should represent the people of the riding, not the party to the people of the riding. our democracy is perverted by political parties lead by corrupt leaders.

Southern Albertan

Perhaps then, the ranked ballot voting system that is used in Australia is interesting. On the ballot, not only does one vote in numerical order for the candidates, but also in numerical order for the parties. It was the voting method preferred by Trudeau. If the ranked system had been used in the 2015 federal election in Canada, the Liberals would have had an even larger majority government. Many of us feel that proportional representation voting system would be preferable, as is used in New Zealand and many European democracies. Trudeau promised that 2015 would be the last ‘first past the post’ method of voting, but when the group, assigned by the federal government that went across the country in 2016 to determine what Canadians preferred, it indicated most folks wanted proportional representation. After that, the electoral reform that Trudeau promised did not happen. The Conservatives appear to also, not want proportional representation. They use a ranked ballot method when they vote to determine their leadership.