June 16th, 2024

LTC exists to create transparency in city

By Letter to the Editor on August 20, 2021.

In a recent letter to the editor, the author took issue with the Lethbridge Transparency Council (LTC), volunteering her preferred adjectives including “cheap runs deep,” “mansplainers,” “arrogant,” and “right wing.” The suggestion was of an underground organization surreptitiously working to unseat our council. How that caricature arose we cannot even surmise. The LTC has not promoted any candidates, none of our members are running, our group includes people from both the left and right side of the political spectrum, and we will work gladly with any council elected.
The writer created the proverbial “straw man,” then tossed in ad hominem go-to phrases – a strategy of attacking the organization to avoid debating issues on their merits. But in fact, the LTC exists to create transparency and conversation around Lethbridge issues based on their merits.
The LTC is a not-for-profit society registered under the Alberta Societies Act. We were formed for the purpose of creating open and transparent local government that is fiscally responsible, operates with integrity, and operates with all citizens in mind. We look at city issues from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, united in the common purpose of creating a more transparent and responsible City Hall.
For the past two years the LTC has submitted letters to the Lethbridge Herald, and has also met regularly with City management. We question many City activities and proposals.
We ask for business cases to demonstrate value in decisions made. We ask for “transparent” information, which has often been lacking. We work hard to fact check issues, knowing that our views will stand or fall on their merit.
Fortunately, we see the City improving and upping their game. We believe we are making a difference.
We love Lethbridge and care deeply about the citizens who work here and who choose to call this place home. We believe that asking city council and administration for commitments to transparency and efficiency is simply asking for respect for taxpayers. It is apolitical. It is factual. It is an expectation of all at City Hall to give their best, always.
We welcome anyone interested in learning more about us, or supporting our efforts, to visit our website at transparencycouncil.com.
Jeffrey DeJong

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