June 24th, 2024

Jason Kenny out of step with the world

By Lethbridge Herald on September 1, 2021.


The UCP was elected on a platform which was solidly built around protecting and supporting the economic well being of Alberta. 

However, every time Jason Kenney has made a move he has imperiled our chances for a brighter future. 

When Kenney zigs, the world around him has zagged. His failure to look ahead on many, many issues with any degree of accuracy has rendered the UCP irrelevant. 

The latest is the party’s position on vaccine passports. Rather than recognize that passports would be a way of protecting and insuring that Alberta businesses survive and the health of Albertans protected he has opted to play to the crowd who respond to sound bites and not well thought out strategy. Once again zigging while the world zagged. 

Premier, it’s time to get in step with the rest of the thinking world.

Peter Burns


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Fedup Conservative

Peter Has nailed it. The conservatives in my world have had enough of these damn Reformers. Watching these ignorant fellow seniors believing every lie he feeds them has been very disappointing, we expect them to be smarter but they aren’t.

The billions of dollars they have cost Albertans is horrific, but they don’t care. They aren’t smart enough to realize what it would have done for them.

Southern Albertan

Here is an interesting description of Jason Kenney’s resurfacing:
“No media welcome: Jason Kenney appears virtually, answering curated questions via Facebook Live”
“The premier shrugged, grimaced and gesticulated, often rambling, often uninformative and occasionally incoherent responses……”