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Climate is in God’s hands

By Lethbridge Herald on September 3, 2021.


I have read many Letters to the Editor with dire warnings from people who claim there is scientific proof that we humans need to stop putting CO2 into the atmosphere as we are going to destroy the world.

May I please add my take on that?

When I went to public school, the best scientific minds put into our curriculum that an amoeba crawled out of the water millions and trillions of years ago and began dividing. This amoeba became a monkey which then evolved into a human.

Let me explain: This very intelligent amoeba decided it must become a monkey. 

So it began dividing cells and dividing cells to make a brain so this monkey could operate. After a million years, a complete monkey brain had been developed. 

The amoeba then decided this needed many more organs so that it could function properly. After another many billions of years, it had succeeded in creating the heart, liver, lungs, intestines, spleen, kidneys, et cetera.

Another many millions of years later, the amoeba succeeded in making a body and covering all these organs with skin. 

The amoeba then created the blood vessels to supply food to all these cells and then it made blood to supply the food. Last of all, it was able to create a head and legs and bones for this monkey as well as fur to cover the skin so the monkey could face the elements it was living in by this time.

It is no wonder that anyone who believes this believes they can change the climate.

I believe in climate change, too. But I believe the author of climate is that great being which many of us know to be God. For others, it is the amoebas.

Esther Hofer


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Southern Albertan

Many of us also believe that God gave us the ability to be intelligent about what’s happening with climate and the ability to adapt and invent. But often, what does not get done about climate change, is about money and greed….certainly not God-given.

John P Nightingale

So God is now the culprit as she is also the cause of famine, drought, COVID, mayhem, war, deforestation and all the other nasty stuff “predicted” by the bible?
Several years ago, in their defence of creationism a writer in the Herald also reminded us of the fable of the amoeba progressing from water to land and bingo, us humans said adios to the apes and well, here we are. Complete and utter nonsense – a pathetic tool reintroduced by the “intelligent design” folk to explain their naive belief in our origins.
To equate such a spurious belief with her creator’s malevolent intent destroying the earth’s habitat (and by extension) multiple life forms is simply inane.
Her belief in an interfering being is simply “faith” without proof – a strict interpretation of biblical verse, no questions asked.
I hate to use the phrase but “God help us all and all life on this planet”, if Hofer’s words are true. Fact is they are not!
(And BTW, we are not trying to “change” the climate. We are attempting to mitigate the mess we are in and reverse the human causes of global warming.)


I find it very interesting Mr. Nightingale how you are very aggressive in denouncing anything that remotely smells of Christianity but leave others including Islam suspiciously quiet! You should be as aggressively intolerant of Islam as you obviously are of Christianity. Yet as I have monitored this form over the years I have yet to read anything you have produced that would remotely question Islam! At least in Christianity they allow women to drive. You are as phoney as a three dollar bill!

John P Nightingale

As I have stated to U before via “comments” when you asked the same question concerning other religions, I have as much negativity toward any religion when certain elements espouse fundamentalist views and despise such physical actions that often accompany such rhetoric. Further, you have absolutely no idea as to my religious views other than my intolerance toward intolerance when it impacts others be it physically or the written word. Your answer back then was and I quote “fair enough” but perhaps you now disagree.
As to why I have never called out Islam in these comments , exactly how many letters have been written by fundamentalist Moslems , Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrianism, etc etc.? I would suggest none.
I respond to letters that clearly are not merely simply of a fundamentalist nature but also which proceed to denigrate science because of a unremitting belief in the infallibility of their book.
Since you hide behind the cloak of anonymity, it is easy for you to scream insults and ad hominem attacks. I have yet to see you further a reasonable argument to back up your written vitriol.
So for the sake of argument: Concerning this letter of Ms Hofer. Do you agree with her and accept her view of the cosmos and the overreaching power of the divine? You are entitled to your opinion of course and perhaps you do believe that global warming simply reflects an almighty power exerting control? Perhaps you believe in a creationist view of the universe? Perhaps?
Your reference to Moslem women not being able to drive applies only to certain countries and I would respond accordingly if someone would write defending that mandate. And BTW , some Christian groups not far from here have a similar restriction toward women drivers.

Last edited 2 years ago by John P Nightingale

My opinion on all religions is they are ALL man-made! Until someone proves their God is the one and true Devine God (and don’t put a book in front of my face as proof) my mind is made up.
If you threw a few crumbs my/our way showing your intolerance to ALL religions (Not just Christianity) and their obviously human-designed methods to control the masses I could believe you some-what. Just because somebody does not write a letter from a non-mainstream Religion does not mean you can’t put their faith under the microscope the way you obviously do with Christianity.
As far as anonymity is concerned I don’t have a monopoly on that here either!
Not convinced yet that you hold the same views for other religions as you do for Christians and their faith! I am very convinced that I will look-out my window some day and witness the “second coming” before your public intolerance of other brands!

John P Nightingale

Well at least we agree the “man made” bit concerning all religions.
Write a letter or get someone to do it for you defending the Hindu caste system, a Moslem proclamation defending creation based on the Koran, an Ultra Orthodox Jew defending settler expansion in Jerusalem all preferably before the “second coming” and I will most definitely prove you wrong!


What I will do instead is the status-quo! Continue to monitor the bias nature of your posts with regards to Christianity and call-them-out accordingly.

John P Nightingale



Is it nighty-nights for you old man?

John P Nightingale

“Old”? No denying that. But wiser by far than one J57.

Last edited 2 years ago by John P Nightingale

Which is yet to be independently proven!


“Some Christian groups not far from here have a similar restriction toward women drivers?” Are you referring to the “Bountiful” cult in B.C. or does one of the southern Alberta cults have that?

John P Nightingale

My understanding is that very few Hutterite Bretheren allow women drivers…..


Ah yes, they ARE shepherded/escorted/herded around in vans driven by men. Beware any group with the words “brethren or brotherhood” in the name. Pretty much spells it out.
Surely there is a long-suspended animation around continued “tolerance” of all these poster boys for “intolerance.”

Guy Lethbridge

OMG, Esther, what was it like failing grade 4 science ?


WOW. Esther, something tells me that you were not educated in a public school. I really hope that you do not tell chlldren “Let me explain: This very intelligent amoeba decided it must become a monkey.” The statement is preposterous and hysterically funny.


Oh dear. But this does sound as good an interpretation of an ancient text as any other; interpretations of text are always subjective after all. Write and read a poem out loud to any group, then notice the wide range of responses you’ll get about what it meant, for example. With this particular exalted and revered text, it has inspired an equally wide range of purely evil acts, it must be noted.