June 22nd, 2024

Where’s the logic in using a de-wormer instead of a vaccine?

By Lethbridge Herald on September 4, 2021.


It must be me? I generally understood the “them against us” attitude of those who did not want to take a “hastily approved” COVID shot! 

I do not agree with their logic but thats what makes life – difference of opinion.

So a group of people who oppose taking this “hastily approved” COVID shot now decide that a horse dewormer\ which has never seen the light of day in Health Canada or FDA for human use is somehow a better idea then a drug that now has seen hundreds of millions of people taking it?

The argument is, “yah but you don’t know what the long term effects are”!

That’s true and that was a great argument, but, do you know what the long term effects of a horse de-wormer are? So suddenly the logic and the argument evaporates?

Dennis Bremner


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Fedup Conservative

Good comment Dennis. It certainly proves how stupid people are. My friends call them cowards. How can you be so afraid of a little needle.
Let’s hope it makes them really sick.
I think you have realized since coming to Alberta how stupid many Albertans are and why these damn Reformers have been able to put this province into such a horrible mess with the support of these fools.
Those of us who have relatives in other provinces tell us they can’t believe how stupid Albertans are. We just keep proving it.


Really makes us proud eh?


You just can’t fix stupid Dennis.

Fedup Conservative

What upsets my senior conservative friends and I is the fact I that most of this stupidity is coming from our fellow seniors. The young people aren’t that stupid.
It’s bad enough we have to fight Kenney we have to fight these stupid seniors who are willing to believe ever lie he feeds them. You obviously know what I mean.

Old not Senile

Great letter Dennis.Now here we are back to having to mask up again, because of people who think thewy are immune to the covid.Read today that the experts say by next month who coud have 15k daily! and that in Alberta covid case are 12 times higher among unvacinated than vacinated.
Now Kenny wants pay Albertans $100.00 per jab to geet vacinated, what Nonesense!
Maybe the way to get people to get the two doses is to say. You will be Billed by AHS for your care if you are in the hospital with covid and have not had a single vaccine shot. Sounds cruel, I know but nothing else is getting through to these anti-vaccine Bone-heads.
Good respones as well Fedup & Doug

old school

Will you be billed for any side effects from the vaccine??
I mean fair is fair.

Old not Senile

I would not get billed for any side effects, I had both shots and never missed a beat, I know some folks did have side effects but it was rare, going by what the health experets said. So the question then is. would you rather have a few small side effects ( for the majority of People )
or be on a ventilator gasping for every breath?

Dennis Bremner

would you pay for the side effects of the dewormer out of your own pocket? Seems a fair is fair response?
nice alias 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner

There have been roughly 2600 adverse effects, compared to 26,000 deaths. Relative risks are part of life.


The anti-vaxxers are a strange bunch. Let’s take random crap but not scientifically proven stuff.


Yeah but the crap is from THEIR “side,” so badly named “the right.”

Fedup Conservative

One of these stupid seniors recently said in the blog in the Medicine Hat News that many, many doctors are telling people not to get vaccinated. A friend would say “I wonder what it’s like to be so stupid” You really have to question their intelligence and what ghosts lives in their heads.

Fedup Conservative

I’m starting to believe what lawyers have been telling us for years.I stead of accepting these ignorant comments hurled at us by these fools, sue them and watch them look stupid in court. They wouldn’t stand a chance in court , you can’t dispute hard true facts with stupid comments , judges aren’t that dumb.