June 16th, 2024

Anti-maskers should be fined

By Letter to the Editor on September 9, 2021.

Where are the protests?
No smoking in public places – why? Seatbelts in a car are the law – why? No shirt, no shoes, no service – why? I am so tired of arrogant, self-centered, uniformed anti-mask, anti-vaccine people.
Don’t get a vaccine if you don’t want but you don’t have to scream about your rights to the whole world.
Don’t wear a mask if you don’t want but stay out of public places that require masks. If you do catch COVID, stay home and suffer without putting a load on the health system you don’t believe in.
Which brings another question: Why are all of these unvaccinated people going to medical professionals for care once they get COVID because they didn’t believe what the same medical professionals were telling them in the first place?
As for our illustrious leader, Jason Kenney.
Once again the Conservative solution – give away money. $100 to get your first or second vaccine.
What about those of us that took the advice of health officials and received both of our doses?
Rather than pay non-believers, fine them if they enter a public place without a mask and fine the store that lets them in.
Reed Spencer

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At least they’ll all be dewormed.

If these same freedom fighters were standing in front of a pipeline, instead of standing in front of a hospital harrassing our hard working care givers, Kenney would invoke Bill 1 and have them attested.

The good news is that once the ICU beds are full, triage choices should be a no brainer.




Just curious, would you say the same thing to the drug addicts in our city: stay out of public places, stay home and suffer without putting the load on the health system, they shouldn’t go to medical professionals for care because they didn’t believe what they were telling them in the first place?


Another classic false equivalency.


So no freedom of personal choice for all citizens, just those who support your narrative. Got it.


The difference is agency. By definition, addiction is a loss of agency.

You could argue that freedom-faces are also lacking in agency – maybe some sort of mental disorder. But it seems you are suggesting they have superior judgement, in which case there is a false equivalence, as TonyPargeter has noted.


Typical answer when you can’t rebut what was said.


I guess all of this “NEWS” coverage ha polarized you into believing all we have been indoctrinated. So sorry.


Well no, sorry, it’s actually you who have been “indoctrinated.” Step outside of yourself for just a moment and look around. You’re not living in Russia or China. What is it about some people that they seem to WANT to be oppressed? Is it so you can feel valiant and heroic, a martyr for your addled idea of a “cause” or your precious “rights?” Well, if you’re against science, vaccines and/or masks, you may have just picked the right hill to actually die on….


wow, did I hit a sensitive nerve Tony to earn this response. and welcome to the new world order. you will find out more as it develops unless we have a revolution.


These anti-maskers are sure misguided in their actions! Put the frikken thing on when you can’t social-distance. Not a BIG deal! It is a big deal if you can’t get timely access to health-care because the ICU is plugged with patients.

Fedup Conservative

Great comments Johnny. You certainly have it right.

Fedup Conservative

The fact that people needing surgeries are being delayed is sickening. I was lucky I got mine in June 2020.
A young man on our news in Edmonton has had his cancer surgery delayed several times and doubts he will survive, and we can thank these fools for putting him in that situation.

Southern Albertan

And because money talks, the average cost of, hopefully, successfully treating someone with COVID in ICU is $50,000. This huge expense could have been offset, somewhat, by not opening things up on July 1st. For the bumbling Kenney UCP to be so-called concerned about the Alberta economy, and supposedly not realizing that a raging pandemic and the economy are intertwined, is terrible. Now, even many small businesses have had to take things into their own hands re: screening people before they let them in so they can stay open for business….let alone the priceless loss of many lives due to COVID in the last few days and folks getting their urgent surgeries cancelled….a heavy cost. Really, the lack of leadership here by the Kenney UCP is unconscionable.

Fedup Conservative

The big question in our circle of senior conservative friends is are Albertans going to be dumb enough to elect another damn Reformer in Erin O’Toole a good buddy of Jason Kenney’s or are they going to show Justin Trudeau some respect for what he has shown Albertans by pumping millions of dollars into this province to help our young people survive covid and the oil industry to keep oil workers working?

Former MLAs from the conservative side and social credit party all said to me don’t trust any Reformer, just look at what there policies have done to Alberta. For all the stupid antics of Justin Trudeau nothing will destroy seniors faster than privatization of health care and that’s what these Reformers want to do.

I am getting the feeling we should be looking at NDP Singh if we are going to re elect Notley like people want to do, what do you think?

Southern Albertan

We certainly do need better checks and balances with regard to the toxic back and forth between the federal Liberals and Conservatives. This is where proportional representation would be beneficial, but the Conservatives certainly wouldn’t want it and Trudeau wanted a ranked ballot system, not PR. I don’t believe either of them have met our needs adequately, so I don’t vote for either of them. What is needed is for more folks to not vote for either of them.

Fedup Conservative

They certainly aren’t anything like our hero Peter Lougheed. The MLAs I have known over the years were certainly furious with what these Reformers did to Alberta and all blamed Klein. Why wouldn’t you?