June 18th, 2024

Anti-vaxxers the reason for new measures

By Letter to the Editor on September 15, 2021.

I would like to expand on Dennis Bremner’s excellent letter pointing out that some people don’t trust the COVID-19 vaccination but are willing to take an unproven horse de-wormer. I just don’t get these people and how their brain works or more to the point, doesn’t work. Let me spin this in another direction.
The ranting and raving that these “everything is a conspiracy” people, whom are protesting lock-downs, mandatory mask wearing et cetera, are the very people that are causing these measures in the first place!
If they had just followed the rules for an appropriate time, we wouldn’t have to take these measures. Do you get it?
I didn’t think so. Sometimes you just can’t reason with a wild horse on de-wormer meds.
Jason Kenney, whom I believe would like to see us have a private health care system, might try an experiment.
If someone comes to the hospital for treatment because they tested positive for COVID-19 and had refused to be vaccinated without a legitimate reason, they would be informed that they will have to pay for any and all treatment. If they don’t have the cash to pay, the government would seize their properties, such as homes and vehicles. One more thing.
About that $100 to get vaccinated, Mr. Kenney obviously never heard the old saying that I learned in sales many, many years ago: “The fear of loss, is far greater than the opportunity to gain”.
An example would be: Johnny won’t eat his veggies.
Mom could say, “Johnny, if you eat all your veggies, you will grow up big and strong” or Mom could say, “Johnny, if you don’t eat all your veggies, you will not be able to go to the Calgary Flames game tomorrow”.
Which one do you think would work better?
Doug Cameron

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I can’t answer why people are vaccine hesitant or resistant, I’ve had 3 shots(1 AZ, 2 Phizer) but to say they aren’t entitled to the same medical care as other people is ridiculous. Diabetes? Did you have a lousy diet? No health care for you! Lung cancer? Smoker? Sucks for you.

I want everyone to be vaccinated but to come out with these statements does not help, in fact it probably makes them more resistant. Vaccine passports? I’m open to them as long as they don’t infringe on essential services. Sorry, but going to a hockey game or out for dinner is not essential. Mandatory vaccines for work is up to the employer and the praise and/or criticism is theirs to bear.

Fedup Conservative

It’s no secret that Reformers are all about privatization of Health care and education and everything else they get their hands on. Former MLAs taught me that..
You can bet that O’Toole is the guy they want to lead it. Don’t forget Alberta, Sask. Man. and Ontario all have Reformer premiers and I think that it would give O’Toole the power to do it. Let’s hope the rest of Canada will save our butts like they did with Scheer .

Fedup Conservative

It’s obvious that O’Tooles buddy Jason Kenney has been told to go into hiding because he is such a disaster and they don’t want him around to bring down these phony conservatives. Why would anyone want to support a Reformer who has promised to bring back Harpers plan to gut our Public Health Care system?

I think it’s why Trudeau called this election, knowing what O’Toole stands for, and I think it was a huge mistake. He should have waited until O’Toole made some more stupid mistakes, like his buddy Kenney has done in Alberta.

Andrew Blair

Doug, you might feel less irate about these people willing to take a horse dewormer if you knew more about it. The letter from Bremner contained clear misinformation. I tried to correct this misinformation in a comment. My comment was rejected. I emailed the Herald twice, asking why my comment was rejected, but I did not receive an answer.
The main point of my rejected comment was that ivermectin has been shown to be much much safer than the vaccines. I would be happy to show you how to find the evidence for this claim, but I fear that if I do the Herald will censor me again. If you want the evidence perhaps you should ask the Herald to let me publish my comment.
It does not follow, of course, that the relative safety of ivermectin over the vaccines makes it an equally effective alternative. But there is evidence for its effectiveness, though perhaps not enough to carry great weight in our current state of knowledge.


it is likely the link that got in the way. perhaps paste some of the essential info points and reference without pasting the link.


There are a few studies of reasonable quality showing that ivermectin can improve certain aspects of COVID-19 outcomes, but it is far less effective than the approved vaccinations.

Dennis Bremner

Bremner’s letter contained no misinformation. There are two Ivermectin’s, one approved for horses, and another that went through some FDA approval for parasites. The FDA researched Ivermectin is issued through a Health Care System that has regulated contents ie. fillers. The Ivermectin sold through your local tractor/farm store has dosages that are made for a horse and uses non regulated fillers in the pill. Two tablets, two different ingredients, one made for a horse, one made for humans. We are seeing people clean out the Tractor/Farm stores and are taking the HORSE DEWORMER. It is not the same and if you call the manufacturer, they will tell you that. No misinformation in that post.
Again, the argument is lost when you take a Horse de-wormer from a Tractor/Farm Store and ASSUME its the same Ivermectin that is regulated content by the FDA in sterile conditions made for humans.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner
Andrew Blair

Oh, okay, I see the distinction you’re making. Veterinarian ivermectin sometimes comes in different quantities and with different fillers than ivermectin for humans. The ivermectin itself, however, is the same, isn’t it? Ivermectin prescriptions that are approved for humans in the U.S. and Canada are being used as anti-parasitic treatments, but this same ivermectin is strongly discouraged as off-label treatment for Covid-19. One of my points is that people are resorting to the veterinarian ivermectin because they think it probably works for Covid-19, and they can’t get it in any other way. Why can’t they?


yeah, so coerce people to do what you have done – because what you have done was deemed by you to be good for you, so, it is therefore good for everyone and, therefore, your choice for yourself should be forced on everyone. just like the progressives idiots leading to prohibition; just like the anti-choicers that say NO to abortions; just like any good fascist that is happy to shove aside the freedom to be the sole arbiter with regard to one’s body, so long as that affront to that freedom enforces your preference.
furthermore, i suspect hardly anyone that has yet to take a covid vax is taking ivermectin. however, it is one’s inalienable right to ingest – or not – whatever the hell one wants. moreover, if we are going to use the health system to coerce and shape choices, we undermine freedom and open the door to autocracy. if we limit one’s ability to assemble and socialise and move about, we undermine freedom, we create a lesser class of people -welcome back separate motels, washrooms, restaurants/bars, buses/seating on transit…how thick or fascist are we?
examine how easily one is willing to scapegoat and step on rights of others; examine how easily one is willing to accept the erosion of fundamental and inalienable rights…all because one is so over the top on enforcing their choices on others. what is worse, this is all because one has been whipped into senseless fear and insecurity. we witnessed quite a power grab and a massive shut down of discussion in the aftermath of 9/11. and here we go again. the only ones to fear ongoing and open debate on anything are those that fear they may wrong. the only way to shed light on truth is through keeping the doors and windows open.
all those not open to the covid vaxes are not saying covid is not real. what they are mostly saying is that they would rather, at this point, take their chances with covid than with big pharm’s vaxes. and that is one’s right. stop stomping on one’s right to choice with regard to one’s body. if you are vaxed – good for you: you should be safe.