June 20th, 2024

We need to start caring about each other

By Letter to the Editor on September 15, 2021.

 I have just read the vaccination figures for areas around Lethbridge – 38 per cent, 42 per cent, etc. and it breaks my heart. So many people are suffering and unable to get treatment because the unvaccinated are taking up the hospital beds; unvaccinated folks are costing the province millions of dollars in health care; regular folks and businesses are struggling because of the huge number of unvaccinated people getting sick.
It appears the government has given up on those of us who have followed medical advice so our only hope is to start caring for each other.
Please, please get vaccinated.
 Myrna Greene

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well, it now seems about quarter of the sick are double vaxed. quite a stark number given the placebo effect that comes with the vax.
as for caring about each other, let us start with respecting freedom, and the freedom we each have to choose with regard to our body.
and, since when do we really care for each other anyway? does the overly wealthy really care about the working poor? since when?
here is another thought: all those “front line heroes”, working for min wage in stores, the working poor, the ones who we all care about so much that we accept the very reality of the working poor as the caring society we are – heroes for a day is what it all amounted to – seemed to entirely survive hyper increased exposure to covid, vaxed and unvaxed. go figure.