October 17th, 2021

Albertans better off to trust Trudeau

By Letter to the Editor on September 16, 2021.

It was former MLAs from the Lougheed era who taught me that you can’t trust a Reformer.
They were furious with Ralph Klein for bringing Preston Manning and Stephen Harper’s Reform Party Policies to the table and deliberately destroying what they had worked so hard to create for Albertans. Looking after the wellbeing of all Albertans was their mandate and not just their rich friends like we have seen from these phony conservatives.
 While the senior conservatives in our circle of friends aren’t fans of Justin Trudeau we certainly trust him more than this Reformer Erin O’Toole.
We haven’t forgotten what him along with Jason Kenney helped Stephen Harper do to Canada, and weren’t surprised when they were defeated.
Their lame-brain desire to privatize our public health care system is an ongoing problem you can’t ignore. One of my American cousins has been saying for years “For God’s sake don’t let anyone destroy your public health care system, trust me, you don’t want ours”.
 It was Harper who went behind the farmers’ backs and privatized the Canadian Wheat Board and now they get to sue our federal government for what they lost.
Too bad we didn’t sue Ralph Klein for doing it to us with our power and gas industries and the dumping of the orphan wells cleanup mess onto our backs. Privatization is what they live for.
 Watching these Reformers help their rich friends cheat Albertans out of hundreds of billions in oil and tax wealth, while Reformer  O’Toole whines about what Trudeau has spent in saving our young people from financial ruin during this pandemic doesn’t make him look very smart.
 Add that to what Trudeau has done to help our oil industry survive this past oil industry crash by buying a $4 billion pipeline to help oil workers continue to have jobs and was willing to implement a carbon tax that our oil executives wanted put in place, to show the world that we do care about global warming, while these Reformers tell the world they don’t care.
 We think Albertans had better show Trudeau some respect instead of blindly supporting another phony conservative Reformer, once again, and wishing they hadn’t like we are hearing about O’Toole’s buddy Jason Kenney .
 For all the screw-up Trudeau has shown none will financially destroy us like privatizing our health care system would do.
Alan K. Spiller

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Southern Albertan

And, this:
“Critics say federal Conservatives dodging questions on coal mining in Alberta Rockies.”
Perhaps, then, the appearance of the likelihood of another Trudeau minority supported by the NDP and the Bloc to oppose open pit coal mining and its threat to our waters in southern Alberta, would be the silver lining.

Fedup Conservative

That’s what my conservative friends and I want to see. We think it was a dumb move to call an election at this time, but understand why he did it. O’Toole was promising to carry on where Harper left off trying to gut our Public Health Care system and scrap the CBC and Trudeau was trying to catch him at it. It got Harper defeated.


Mr.Spillar, you are a repugnant NDPer you should correct your statement on who got rid of the Wheat Board and Crownsnest rate the farmers that went to jail in protest to get rid of both as an injustice to farmers cost the taxpayers millions, now they sell their grains at contract price no checks on price increases. You should get yourself tested.

Fedup Conservative

So why don’t you be a hero and tell us how you would prove in court that Stephen Harper didn’t do it, when everything we read points directly at him?

Lawyers have taught me over the years that before you go blaming something on some one else you had better make certain you can prove it in court or keep your mouth shut, so where is your proof?

It’s my understanding that now that the courts have given farmers permission to sue the federal government , thanks to Harper , we are going to lose a lot more, why don’t you prove I’m wrong? If you can I would certainly be willing to accept it. But hurling sarcastic comments at me without any proof to back it up doesn’t make you look very smart, does it?


snowman: It is interesting and very telling when people call others a repugnant NDPer. I assume you are of the far right persuasion and I would not insult you because of your political beliefs. Somehow if someone is of a left leaning beliefs, those people are often referred to as “Commies”. A repugnant NDPer though, is a new one on me, so thanks for the chuckle. As a side note, having read many of Mr. Spiller’s letters and comments, I don’t believe he is on the left side of center so therefore, you are barking at the wrong gentleman. BTW, the last time I voted for the PC’s in Alberta was when Allison Redford was elected. The next kick at the can was Jim Prentiss (R.I.P.) and because I check out his background and record of the past, I voted NDP. When Jason Kenney rode in, I didn’t hesitate to vote NDP as I knew even more about his background and I guess history has proven me right. He will be of course kicked out by his own party when the time is right for the party and replaced by another Reformer but hopefully by next election, people as a whole, will be aware of the overwhelming feedlot smell coming from Edmonton and stay clear. My wife and I are hanging in and being hopeful that things will get better, in about 20 months. BTW, my name is Doug Cameron and I don’t really think yours is snowman so what are you hiding from snowman?


Don’t mind Ken. He is a well known provocateur of proper grammer, and a master of sentence structure stew. In his spare time he likes to create idiosyncratic narratives for the Transparency Council.

Older School

So it is your learned opinion FEDUP Conservative that we “the people” should follow your amazing recommendations by voting for an individual who has 3 times been in a conflict of interest. A person who declares himself a feminist until a female speaks up then its “fall into place” or go the way of Raybold. A person who has determined his sexual transgression is covered because she experienced the situation “differently”. Like, she was upset and he was aroused “differently”. We should allow him to continue spending at a rate that will result in debt that will never be controlled or ever paid down. We should elect a guy that just allowed Biden a Pass on XL pipeline and fought tooth and nail to save SNC lavelin from any damage because he needed to save 9000 jobs, when 100,000 went out with a whisper in Alberta. We should elect a guy that has two standards, one for himself and one for the rest of Canada. We should elect a guy that has been a Planet Saver in Canada (according to him) yet emissions have risen EVERY YEAR SINCE HE GOT ELECTED….and your gas and Nat Gas continue to rise because the KID is clueless!
And according to your screwed up reasoning, the reason….. the boogeyman in the closet?

Last edited 1 month ago by Older School
Fedup Conservative

So how many times do you have to be told that the conservative seniors in my world aren’t fans of Trudeau but trust him a lot more than we do another damn Reformer, especially when he is promising to gut our health care system?

Are you so naive you didn’t see how Harper tried to do it and it got himself defeated, and apparently you aren’t smart enough to understand what it would do to our bank account ?

I can assure you the conservatives in my world call guys like you traitors for going against the wishes of the majority of the people. It’s no secret that your Liberal , turned Reformer friend Jason Kenney is on his way out, and it doesn’t make guys like you look very smart and we certainly don’t want to take a chance on one of Kenney’s buddies in the federal government . The two of them were part of Stephen Harper’s reform party federal government and we know what they did to us. Ignoring what Harper did is just plain stupid.

Those of us who had ties to the oil industry aren’t dumb enough to blame Trudeau for the loss of 100,000 jobs when it was the oil industry crash that was the problem.

Yes Trudeau has been a real screw up but none of what he has done will financially destroy seniors like privatizing our health care will. My American relatives can tell you that, and you can’t blame him or Notley for the financial mess Klein, Stelmach, and Redford put us in, or are you to naive to understand that also.

Those of us who knew Liberal Ralph Klein personally and his family weren’t surprised that his father Phil and daughter Angie tried to help us vote him out. Ignorant Albertans wouldn’t let us.
Alan K. Spiller whose family donated around $30,000. to the Alberta Conservative Party under Lougheed and Getty and Klein almost killed my father with his health care funds.

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