October 26th, 2021

Mask and vaccination mandates needed here

By Letter to the Editor on September 16, 2021.

I disagree with those protesting mandates are against freedom. As a senior with health issues, twice vaccinated, I can still get sick from the Corona infection. I want to go out shopping, travel and stay at hotels.
If these places won’t mandate mask and vaccination I am not free to do this. And if I need to be hospitalized I don’t want to be denied because of beds full of Corona cases mostly in unvaccinated people.
Larry Mackillop

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John P Nightingale


Les Elford

Bravo Larry!
Very well said I am in the same circumstance and agree with you. Even after being fully vaccinated, wearing a mask in public and using hand sanitizer as frequently as possible and necessary and remaining 6 feet away from people in public ( or trying my best too) I still get anxious if there is someone else in a grocery isle with me. I often will turn around and search for an isle where no one else is in. Thank you for speaking out. It is tragic that we too appear to have become a society of tribalism with different opposing viewpoints, and no effective leadership within site. It didn’t have to be this way.


Fedup Conservative

Great comments guys. It isn’t hard to understand why the American oilmen I was involved with called Albertans the dumbest people on the planet. They were furious with us for letting Klein give away our oil.
We just keep proving it. Even friends in Ontario are stating that reformer Doug Ford has been a lot smarter than his buddy jason Kenney. He has certainly made us the laughing stock of Canada.

Older School

Herein lies the dichotomy! You are miffed because your rights are being impinged upon. So your answer to those impinged rights is to impinge on another groups rights, and in fact dismiss them?
I also am a senior double dosed, and not happy with anti-vaxxers but the depth of this discussion has to be far more meaningful before I am prepared to impose my will on others.
So, lets say, the collective WE make the lives of our fellow Albertans so miserable that they are not able to do anything without being fined or jailed until they got the vax, would that be your solution? Its easy to make these comments, its another to actually put down in writing what exactly you mean or ponder what would have to be done!
I am not prepared to go that route yet, I believe people will see the light and realize the slow creep of being outcasts is not to their advantage. All we have to be is patient. I am willing to be patient to preserve some level of control over a persons right to control her or his body. The same goes with Abortion….its a women’s right to choose but that is my opinion. I think the passport may push people over the edge for two reasons. Its not so much that Alberta has one now but because they realize that without one they may not be able to do anything. We tend to think within our community and once “they” realize it means they cannot travel, stay in a hotel, cross the border, fly in a plane etc etc, things will change. I think as time goes on, people will realize there enjoyment of life is being choked and eventually they will relent having no other choice. This will remove the need to force anyone to take the shot. If the only place you can go is the Supermarket and you can’t find a dentist to take out the painful tooth…things will change quickly.
I do note however you got a rise out of FedUp Conservative! He was even able to take another shot again at his fellow Albertans and dead conservatives! I am a little amazed he could not squeeze in the “dumb seniors again” as he flails away attempting to impose his political will on others? It would appear he is more than willing to support legislation now that would criminalize conservatives under the present definition. Perhaps he is in favor of jail or fines for people voting UCP or for CPC?
What about this!
If you “have not been vaccinated AND not voted for NDP”, you must wear a Gold star on your shirt, visible at all times? That would work, then we would know whom to shun and look down on…perhaps spit on the sidewalk as they pass?
Beware of what you ponder flippantly, it may come true!
To the author of the letter, Larry, I have a curiosity. Do you remember how life was to return to normal (herd immunity at 80%) but suddenly it hasn’t? Why are you not calling for a ban on airlines bringing people to Canada, period? Delta is an India Variant, Mu is a Columbian…they could have never gotten here without Airlines? Is your plan a little incomplete? Even all of Canada double dosed, will you only travel to countries that are also 100%? If everyone is double dosed in Canada and a double dosed person passes on Delta to you,(we can still be carriers) what then? Not sure you have thought this through.

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