June 14th, 2024

People can’t have it both ways

By Letter to the Editor on September 16, 2021.

We stood outside cheering essential workers, now we protest them.
You get bullied at wearing or not wearing a mask, or thinking science is incorrect in how to protect us.
Anger is everywhere, all around us.
As your COVID position pushes the world to become more divided and our politicians cannot find or put in place a solution, let me offer mine.
We want to feel safe, to walk somewhere knowing others believe as you do. We need reassurances to let everyone be with their “side.”
Before you enter, a sign will be on the door telling you what the owner believes. You can only enter based on your position.
Black says I am anti-vax, anti-someone telling me how to be safe in this pandemic, believes they’ll never make others sick.
White says I believe in the science, I want to ensure I protect my fellow human population.
There are enough business owners, workers on both sides that separation will be easier and quicker than you can imagine. There will be places to shop, to eat, to work, to attend school, go to hospitals, call emergency services, because all these will be run by the two opposing sides in harmony with their “own.”
Only one rule and that concerns hospitals.
They too will be black or white, staffed by only those with your beliefs.
Sixty per cent is for emergency care, 40 per cent is for all others who require the same much needed care, surgeries and support.
Should your 60 per cent fill up, you must wait for an opening as the others are just as important as you. We only have so much space.
Better your choice takes your life away if you can’t get in than the others who would suffer because of you taking their place.
You can’t have it both ways and that was your choice, allow me to have mine.
Terry Katan

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the problem with believing the science is that it has not been proven and will not be proven until 2023 when all of the test are in. right now all of the vaccinated people are WILLING subjects in proving the science

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This Red Neck Has No Neck

Comments such as this bring to mind a sign I saw on the news recently. Carried by an anti-vaccine protester, it read “i Know More than the Scietists”.


If you are intimating I know more than the scientist you are misinformed, I am simply pointing out that they are short circuiting the protocol they, themselves established and obtained guarantees that they are not libel for any reactions. Any corporation would like this license to operate.

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This Red Neck Has No Neck

Just to be clear, you are not questioning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, vaccines that the vast majority of those in scientific and medical communities contend are safe and effective?


I am hoping they work,, but problems are showing up, one being some one close to, whose feet turned black and had to be on percoset to control pain. medical doctors have no idea and are constantly test for this that and the other. also this is a gene therapy, not really a vaccine and was released with a guarantee of no liability for the makers.

This Red Neck Has No Neck

I’m very sorry to hear that someone you know had an issue. However, there are several patently incorrect and misleading statements that I feel the need to respond to.

(1) mRNA vaccines are not a form of gene therapy. Gene therapy, which is experimental in Canada, involves modifying DNA, which is located in the nucleus of a cell, in some way. mRNA is derived from DNA, produced through a process called transcription, after which it diffuses out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm to do its work — which is to stimulate the production of proteins. mRNA vaccines cause our cells to produce the corona virus spike protein which kick starts our immune system to produce anti-bodies. Those anti-bodies then provide a level of protection against subsequent infections. However, as the experience in Israel suggests those anti-bodies appear to wane over time, which is why booster shots will probably be necessary.

(2) Vaccines cause the body to produce anti-bodies which then aid in fighting subsequent infections. That is what mRNA vaccines do, therefore mRNA vaccines are in fact vaccines. In terms of the label, it matters not that the mRNA vaccines are not 100% effective. As a case in point, flu vaccines are generally between 40 and 60% effective and not even the polio vaccine is 100% effective (even after four doses).

(3) Indemnification clauses are widely used by pharmaceutical and other companies to protect the interests of shareholders. There is nothing new here.

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