June 18th, 2024

Blame for COVID crisis rests on the government

By Letter to the Editor on September 17, 2021.

After watching the train wreck in Alberta with the UCP government’s death squad group of Jason Kenney, Deena Hinshaw and Tyler Shandro and their handling of the COVID-19 crisis, I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to all the doctors, nurses and support staff, for standing firm and doing the very best they could, under horrible conditions.
The stress all of you must be under trying to save lives, while this present government of Alberta continues to plant land mines in your path, I can only imagine.
Yes, this is very similar to being in a war zone. I consider what this government has done during this crisis similar to a war crime and they should be held accountable for the senseless deaths of the many folks of this province, that apparently were considered just collateral damage for political gain. At least that is the way I see it.
Yes, those people that won’t wear a mask in public or practice social distancing are partially to blame but the buck stops at the top.
In closing, thank you, thank you, thank you to all those health care workers that keep on keeping on every day.
You are each and every one, my hero.
Doug Cameron

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Fedup Conservative

Well said Doug. What scares the seniors in our world is the fact that we may see a huge exit of doctors and nurse leave after the way they have been treated by this government. Retired doctor friends have been saying for years that Canadian trained doctors and nurses are in great demand and can work where ever they want in the world.
I haven’t forgotten what one of the nine doctors I helped relocate out of the province said to me when Klein was kicking them around. “Why should I stay and support my patients, when they refuse to support me against this tyrant Ralph Klein”
He was furious with them for giving Klein a majority after the way he had treated the doctors, and nurses. Can you blame him?

John P Nightingale

“Train wreck” indeed. Twisting , turning, rambling and avoiding answering questions directly . A loathsome spectacle.
And now our health care workers are having to run a gauntlet of vitriolic abuse hurled
at them for doing their job – saving lives!