October 26th, 2021

Critics ignoring what Trudeau has done in his time in office

By Letter to the Editor on September 17, 2021.

The leaders of all the political parties are bombarding us with much negative information about Trudeau. That is a normal political behaviour at the time of elections .
According to them he has not done much for Canada during all the years he has been our PM.
Let us use our own analytical mind to determine what he has accomplished .
1. At the outset, Trudeau appointed a bright and talented cabinet, half of them women.
2. Lowest unemployment since1966 (before the pandemic hit us).
3.Lowest poverty levels ever.
4. Dealing head-on with the climate change .He signed the Paris agreement ,created a two-billion dollar trust to mitigate the effects of climate change.
5. Increased wages for the working class.
6. Best foreign policy that has improved Canada’s image throughout the world through proper statesmanship.
7. Third best country to live.
8. Number one for quality of life .
9. Number 2 out of 80 as the best nation in the world.
10 By far the most important accomplishment of Trudeau is the great pandemic response. In the last two years, he has been caught unawares and overwhelmed by the onset of a miserable pandemic that has devastated Canada and the world.
He has worked incessantly, with compassion in his heart and given financial help to laid off people to put food on their table for their families. This was not a simple feat considering there were millions who were on the brink of financial ruin.
The every day challenges of the pandemic have been immeasurable : Trudeau has done his best and done it well.
The economy is picking up now, more people are working; that is a sign of his success.
Trudeau might not have fulfilled all his promises but he has accomplished a lot by not letting a devastated populace sink. The last two years were a huge challenge and he came out a winner.
Ramma Sawhney

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Older School

1.Then when the women tried to do their job, he interfered and fired them
2.When you open the till, and spend spend spend, yes employment rates do drop
3.Lowest poverty levels? No idea where you get that and just wait for COVID to end, it will be far worse when he stops paying people $2000 a month.
4.Climate change? Every year since he has been in power, our emissions have risen. He is all theatre, no meat. Promises the world and does nothing other then raise your taxes directly or indirectly and he has not even begun yet, wait till we have to pay back his trillion dollar debt that he personally has added to the deficit. Since he took power emissions have risen EVERY year in Canada, but he snowed you with his “Save the Planet bull”.
5.Increased wages, only because the NDP would have not supported his minority gov if he hadn’t and because he paid $2000 a month some are earning more to stay home then they did in their job and somehow you think that is sustainable? What happens when he stops?
6.You truly have to be joking? We are the laughing stock in India, he has totally mishandled China, and Biden his best buddy dumped XL without so much of a word to the “kid”
7.Third best? We have always been at or near the top
8.Number one and you assume its Trudeau? He cannot house the people you insist are no longer in poverty and now brings in another 40,000 refugees from Afghanistan who he also cannot house. Do you know where they are all staying ?Hotels! Do more research please.
9.You quote long lasting numbers that have not changed for years and credit Trudeau?
10.Trudeau waited 6 long months in the early stages of COVID and assumed he could do a deal with Sino and then found he waited uselessly. He then went out and jumped the que on Pfizer Moderna and Astra by paying more than other countries that were ahead of him to try to make up for his foolishness. You have no idea how much more he has spent on drugs just like you have no idea what the two Chinese Lab Scientists did or did not do to our national security. You have a femnist who isn’t, a sexual aggressor who excuses himself because “he saw it differently” and you have a kid who is a 3 time conflict of interest PM but that appears to be okay for you!
11.A bigger loser as a Rep of Canada has not existed till this egotistical drama queen took over!

Last edited 1 month ago by Older School
Fedup Conservative

So while Old School wets his pants over what Trudeau has done he conveniently ignores what Reformer Harper did to us and what his Reform Party buddy Jason Kenney is doing. How do you blame all this on Trudeau after Harper ignored it? Where is the intelligence in that?
While he ignores the fact that our Oil Executives were the ones who wanted the Carbon Tax implemented, they know we have a pollution problem. Instead we have these Reformers including Harper telling the world they don’t give a damn about Global Warming when the world does care.
As former MLAs from the Lougheed era taught me. Nothing will financially destroy seniors faster than Privatization of Health Care and that’s what these Reformers are hellbent on doing. They have got to be stopped.
How do you stop them when we have fools like Old School believing every lie they feed him?
As much as my friends and I aren’t fans of Trudeau we know he has saved this province during this pandemic and the last oil industry crash. He has pumped billions of dollars into this province, including $4billion to purchase a pipeline and another billion to help clean up the Orphan Wells Mess Klein created so that Albertans won’t have to pay it.
Too bad Old School isn’t smart enough to understand it.

Older School

Too bad you can’t live in the present and continually bring your biases of long dead Conservatives, to justify what you believe today. I am willing to give O ‘toole a chance, just as I was willing to give the UCP a chance. UCP chance is over, they blew it. Which really only leaves us with the other bums we threw out, the NDP. So I am willing to give O’toole a chance, he blows it and were back to Liberal anyway!

Fedup Conservative

So you are such a genius that you plan to give Erin O’Toole a chance after his buddy Jason Kenney blew his chance in Alberta even though O’Toole has been praising Kenney for what he did to us and O’Toole has been promising to gut our health care system. No wonder a friend calls guys like you just another mindless senior, who is all mouth and no brains, because that’s what you are. Thanks for proving it.

Older School

you obviously lack political acumen! O’Toole does not want to lose votes in Alberta in the 11th hour because a reporter wants him to say Kenney screwed up…. were you born yesterday?

Last edited 1 month ago by Older School
Fedup Conservative

Maybe all you O’Toole lovers had better wake up and read the following. Like all the rest of these Reform Party bozos he has never been a true conservative, and is making all of you look like damn fools.

“O’Toole blasts liberals, praises Alberta’s pandemic response at UCP AGM”
“O’Toole refuses to comment on Kenney’s handling of Alberta’s COVID-19 Crisis””
“O’Toole refuses to say whether Kenney got it wrong on Covid management. Apparently those that elected Kenney and now wish they hadn’t are a lot smarter than O’Toole.
In other words while the intelligent Albertans want to kick Kenney out his buddy O’Toole thinks he has done a wonderful job. He doesn’t care how many Albertans Kenney killed

Les Elford

Ronna; Thank you for speaking out. You appear to be a brave, strong, soul with very definitive beliefs. Kudo’s to you for having the courage to speak your mind.   I am reluctantly responding.  I truly did not want too, and mean you no disrespect. But on this very last day to speak out.  I feel compelled too.

I admit: It is easy to be an arm chair critic. It cannot be an easy position. However ever 6 year of scandal after scandal after scandal, lie after lie , after lie; is too much for me. Politicians should not be reinforced or rewarded for this behavior. It is not what generation who have gone before have worked for, strived for, fought for and yes sadly died for.
Please don’t get me wrong, I love this country. It is why I am speaking out. We deserve better, we need better , We have had better in the past and can get it again. The Liberal party is no where close to being worth the money we are paying them.
OH ….CANADA….. THE TRUE NORTH STRONG and FREE! Where have you gone? 
Heaven help us all.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. With respect; for the first time in my life; I feel there is a political overload and cannot wait until this is all over (although I wish the whole UCP party could/would resign, be impeached , charged with something, sued or recalled immediately).Perhaps food for thought, next time. 
The dilemma for me is the lack of real alternatives Federally and or Provincially.  
I am sorry; Mr. O’TOOLE while I tend to believe you more than JT and I agree ‘THIS ELECTION IS ABOUT TRUST’ Because Canadians have been lacking good competent, honest, ethical, governance for far too long pardon me if I seem somewhat uncertain.  It is all about that trust issue.   I really do not want to be sucked in again.
My hope is you do something unique in Canadian politics today. Words are easy, actions are real and meaningful. Please ensure there are ; no more empty promises, corruption, useless and meaningless spending ($5 million temporary outdoor ice rink) WITHOUT ACTION, HONESTY,TRUTH, ETHICS AND INTEGRITY we just have the status quo and that should not be acceptable!  
I sense Federally; this has become once again equivalent to a high school student council election. It seems like we are once again forced to pay for another $600 Million high school election. (vote for me and I ……WILL GET YOU NEW $5 MILLION COKE A COLA MACHINE, AND MORE, SCHOOL DANCES WITHOUT SUPERVISON!)
I hope it is for real and not an illusion. Politicians are so good at pulling bunny rabbits out of hats. You have remained silent or somewhat unclear on many important issues.  Tax reform and updates are long overdue, the middle class has become extinct, health care and infrastructure is deteriorating, the homeless, the addicted, and those relying on food banks are sky rocketing. Unemployment remains stagnant and government wage subsidy and training programs have historically benefitted employers more than workers; much like corporate welfare, and too many senior citizens and Indigenous continue to be; forgotten ignored, invisible and live in poverty.
Affordability and heath care are serious issues of concern for most especially during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and trauma. I recognize there .are no easy answers. My hope is that people become and remain priorities over big corporations which don’t acquire needless subsidies and small business and the agricultural sector (which generates the most employment) receive any required assistance and support in a timely and efficient manner
At the very least my hope is  the Liberals or the PC’s  acquire a minority status, and that they are willing to listen to the people, and even work with alternate political parties and ideas when appropriate and refrain from becoming locked into your ideology and your ideology only.  Although If the above takes place  the thought of we  (the innocent) being forced to go through another $600 Million election ( for no reason ) quite frankly makes me sick.
If Mr. Trudeau has accomplished anything of substance during his 6 years of tyranny and embarrassment. It has been miniscule, meaningless and irrelevant to the average Canadian. Yes Canada is a great country with a great opportunities . No Mr. Trudeau has not really improved poverty, he has millions of people to become reliant and addicted to government programs . Without the tax -free Child Tax benefit I would dare say many of Canada’ so – called middle class, may not be middle class at all.
 It appears you have forgotten to mention the following items, and scandals which transpired under Princess Silly Socks watch.
Black face
The Indigenous file remaining unattended, unresolved and ignored (“Thank you for your donation” lack of drinking water, suitable housing, Missing and injured Indigenous women file , ignoring the outrageously outdated and repressive Indian Act
Inviting a known terrorist to tag along with him to India;  becoming a National embarrassment and   laughing stock of the world for insulting India.  A country with political and economic clout much higher than Canada’s
Broken promise on reduction of telecommunication fees (the most expensive in the country).
Introduction of the unnecessary Carbon tax and upcoming increases to it
Embarrassing the country again at a G7 Summit while apparently consuming too much alcohol
The failed attempt to buy a seat at the UN Security Council
The WE Scandal and resulting cover-up
The SNC scandal and cover-up

Pressure and bullying placed on Jodie Wilson – Raybould, Jane Philpott and other women. Refusing to allow the RCMP to investigate or the HOC to complete their review.
The ongoing, unresolved Panama  Papers scandal and resulting cover-up
The real estate and casino scandal in Vancouver and throughout the country and resulting cover up
The Sexual Abuse Scandal of women and men within the Canadian Military and resulting cover -up.
The two or three ethical  violations of a sitting Prime Minister. I get confused over how many exactly, regardless he has the dubious distinction of having more ethics violations than any other Prime Minister ever.
The damage caused economically and socially to Alberta and Western Canada. The divisiveness, tribalism created throughout the country.
The corporate Welfare /subsidies provided to his elite executive friends, (Bombardier, Air Canada, SNC, Loblaw’s, the ship builders on both coasts) 
Numerous /countless  broken promises.
The destruction and decimation of the middle class, and resulting top ten issue in this election, (Affordability) which he is conveniently ignoring or offering minimalistic solutions too. (Although in all fairness the PC’s nonrefundable tax credits are a pretty pathetic solution as well)
The Federal government now admits Inflation is running at 4.1 percent. The government (as you know the government ; being so special), has their own definition of what comprises inflation or cost of living which does not correlate to what the real inflation rate is that citizens have to suffer. I would dare suggest if the government is claiming a  4.1 %, inflation rate, I suspect the real inflation rate could/ would be  somewhere between  two  to ten points higher (depending on what you are purchasing).
If you take into account “the real rate of return” (invest rates taking into account of inflation and taxation) It become quickly apparent many people’s safe investment products may be floating upside down in the water, providing nothing bit a negative return.  
What does your friendly neighborhood bank pay you on your deposits, guaranteed product or term deposits again?? 
 If interest rates and or mortgage rates were to bounce 1- 2 percent, the fall out would be immense. 
The dismal economic record and unreal increase to the debt and deficit even with low interest rates.
So thanks Mr. Trudeau and the  perpetual head – nodding ; Minister of Middle Class who hasn’t uttered a world or shown her face for months (maybe she’s been abducted by aliens) and the rest of this group of dishonest, unethical bullying, misogynistic morons  for your help.
 It’s been great.  Hopefully, we won’t have to see or hear from many of you in  the political theatre ever again.   
Lastly ; I am very fearful of the  outstanding legislation to be approved if the Liberals remain in power. Three bills in particular; one pertaining to euthanasia, one regarding  and the third pertaining to the decimation of free speech.
Thank you for listening to my rambling and babbling.





A couple of massive babbling paragraphs whining about Trudeau.
How’d that work out for ya?
Maybe Les and Old Fool can find new hobbies.
Maybe all of you crybabies need to start voting Liberal lol!

Older School

The most expensive Seat in the world, the one Trudeau increased his minority government by…..a mere $610,000,000 seat!


Here’s a red crying towel

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