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COVID problems must be someone else’s fault

By Letter to the Editor on September 30, 2021.

I must take issue with people who blame Dr. Hinshaw and other officials for the COVID situation. As seems popular today many people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. After all it must be someone else’s fault, right? As was reported on Sept. 23, all new COVID admissions to ICU are unvaccinated people. All of them. Unless you put a strangle-hold on people with mass restrictions and use force to get people vaccinated the unvaccinated will never take the jab. No amount of persuasion will make them.
So reluctantly we must live with restrictions that impose hardships on those unvaccinated. Reading some letters, the writers seem to think that by getting at these so-called horrid, offensive and inhumane government officials, COVID will go away. It’s a study in psychology on how some try to focus their, and hopefully your, hatred on someone else. It’s a sad indictment of today and what COVID has done to the collective community spirit. It can’t be me.
 It must be someone else’s fault so get rid of whoever we can see on TV who is telling us the bad news.
Tom Burns

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Well stated Mr. Burns. The amount of hate, vitriol and rhetoric at her and others (Kenney) clearly indicates that those that do, are immature, irresponsible and have never accepted personal responsibility for anything in their lives. Look at the daily news, victims of their own design in many cases, blaming others.

Mrs. Kidd (she/her)

Please explain your thinking when you suggest that someone who criticizes public officials for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic “has never accepted personal responsibility for anything”. That’s quite a leap and I can’t follow the logic.


Constructive criticism and spewing vitriol, rants and hate are not in the same drawer.

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The problem could easily be addressed if FINES were installed.
Anyone using up a hospital bed due to coming down with Covid (that could have been vaccinated but chose not to) should be given a hefty fine and or made to pay at least half their hospital bill (currently around $50,000 +).
Hit them in the pocket book and see the difference.


what about the person that was vaccinated and got covid? and that is possible. and what if a vaccinated person infects a vaccinated person or unvaccinated person? these are possibilities. and why should one be coerced into third stage testing of the vaccine, which is usually voluntary, but now every vaccinated person did volunteer for the test stage.

Southern Albertan

Responsibility for actions?
“Personal responsibility, government inaction and Alberta’s COVID response. Officials have maintained it’s up to individuals to beat the virus, but collective action has failed.”
It was clear, that Kenney opened things up too soon on July 1st. He was warned by all, i.e. physicians, modelling experts….that it was unwise. It was also clear that Kenney was taking a huge political risk if, there was an expected catastrophic 4th wave. Even Dr. Hinshaw admitted that the modelling used to make the July 1st decision was flawed.
What will it take now? Just let the deaths, long term/haul illnesses, the crashing of the health care system, continue? Until the last dog is hung?


According to Health Canada, the lifting of restrictions is not recommended until substantial population immunity has been achieved. Clearly, that milestone had not been achieved on July 1st when Premier Kenney made his “Open for Summer” announcement. It was seen by many as reckless at the time, and events since then have demonstrated that.


on this we agree.


and with restrictions it will take longer to achieve sort of a catch 22

Fedup Conservative

While the majority of Albertans point their fingers at Jason Kenney for good reason. We know a major shut down at an early state like doctors recommended would have gotten this under control a lot sooner. Yet we still have these fools who find it smart to support kenney. You can’t be any dumber than buckwheat, can you ?

Like Kenney he has no concern for those Kenney killed by his stupid handling of this pandemic, refusing to listen to our doctors was just plain stupid. It’s no secret that it’s been the worse disaster per capita in North America yet these fools still try to blame it on someone else.

Of course you can also blame his MLAs who refused to listen. They have been a major problem by brainwashing stupid Albertans into believing Kenney was wrong. It just proved Kenney isn’t man enough to lead anything. He can’t even control his own MLAs.

We know it would have been a lot different under Peter Lougheed. Everyone respected and trusted him. He would have listened to the doctors. I can still hear his MLAs telling me to never trust a Reformer. The ones I knew have all passed away. I bet they would have been furious with Kenney, they certainly were with Klein.


Geez there was hope with you usual rants until you started dragging up Lougheed, Klein and the “reformers”. You derailed your intelligence. Oh well, “play, pause, rewind, stop, play, pause, rewind, stop, play ad nauseam.