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Trying to get exemption card time-consuming

By Letter to the Editor on September 30, 2021.

I am unable to access my “exemption card”, aka “vaccine passport”, which was supposed to be available to me on Sept. 20. Two attempts  to access it online were met with the warning that it was not available and continued attempts to try to access it would be blocked. 
I contacted the pharmacy where I received the two Moderna shots, and asked if they had had any other people calling about inability to access their “passport”. They said they had several complaints.
I contacted Nathan Neudorf’s office, and Karen gave me a number to call. The robocall advised me to email  “”, which is rather circular, leading to other (irrelevant) information. I was led to an email address, which I contacted.  This email address immediately responded with the message that my message was blocked. 
Returning to the phone, I tried the robo number again (1-800-315-6028) and was told the current wait to speak to a human was four hours and five minutes. Really?!
Mark Wierzba

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Mark: try this one. Worked for us in under 2 minutes.

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Sorry to say but you should have kept the sheet that was given to you with your stats and proof of vaccine. That was an important piece of paper that staff should have alerted you to keeping. Your hardship in getting something that should easily be accessible shows the problem in our system. The link is helpful but you need to provide the date of your vaccine. That again is a problem if a person can’t remember. All that should be required is put provide your health care number. Gov. always makes things hard.

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Southern Albertan

We got ours at our local rural town registry, laminated as well. (We need a new printer).
They wanted the paper proof of our vaccines and photo ID proof, which we provided. Now, some businesses who are using the ‘vaccine passport,’ are asking for photo ID proof as well, because these ‘vaccine passports’ are easy to edit.


yes, ve veill all vant our paperz in order to be human. perhaps try and ouiji board viz hitler for advice.