May 20th, 2024

It’s time for vaccinated Albertans to get angry

By Lethbridge Herald on October 1, 2021.


 Decision time for COVID deniers is nigh. The majority of Albertans have done the responsible thing to protect our families, our friends and our community by getting vaccinated. 

The minority of people who are refusing to get vaccinated for whatever unfathomable and idiotic reason are now jeopardizing the entire health care system. 

If one of us now should have a heart attack, a stroke, or be involved in a serious motor vehicle collision notwithstanding any number of medical emergencies our lives will be in jeopardy thanks to the mindless selfishness of the anti-vax minority. 

Now, I don’t know what the triage criteria will be when faced with such choices but I do know that at this point if I were making those decisions, the person who chose not to get vaccinated would be the one having to face the consequences for that decision. We, as the majority, have to start getting mad. 

We have to assemble by the thousands and march on our provincial parliament to send a clear, unequivocal message that we have had enough of this government and its cruel misjudgments.

Peter Burns


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old school

Not sure where you get your thoughts from or how consistant you would be.
What if I said nobody who is vaccinated should be treated for covid when they catch the next variant?Would that be fair?How about people who willingly take illegal drugs?There is enough information out there to make people hesitant to take vaccines.My biggest concern is “big pharma” not liable for lawsuits when and if their concoctions start showing adverse effects.Seems they don’t know them self or actually trust their products are safe long term.I understand that they can’t know but then who wants to volunteer to be a science experiment?,or be mandated by government?
Just trying to be open minded here.

This Red Neck Has No Neck

I have a friend who won’t take the vaccine because he doesn’t trust his doctor. He recently extended his distrust of medical advice to other matters and last week posted an add on the web asking for bids on a colonoscopy. I spoke to him last night and he’s considering two submissions, one from an electrician and one from a drywaller.

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ha ha


everyone that was vaccinated involuntarily volunteered for third stage of testing of the vaccine which should have been done before it was approved. It is only after liability was removed and emergency measures enacted (pandemic) that it was released


I am also angry with those who refuse to take the vaccine, especially the willfully misinformed. Yes, it is a pandemic. No, it is not the same as the flu. The mRNA vaccines will not alter your DNA, they are not gene therapy, and the mRNA vaccines are grounded in decades of research. I can’t think of a singe medication that does not come with side effects, the issue is about cost vs benefit or risk-reward. And finally, indemnification causes in the business world are nothing new — my step ladder even has one.

That said, medical intervention is an essential service. People are treated on the basis of need without reference to any other consideration, and it must remain so.

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Speak to Dr. Malone please.

John P Nightingale

You mean Dr Robert Wallace Malone? He who converses with Steve Bannon and god knows who all else.
He who has stated completely erroneously, that he invented mRNA vaccines.
The man is nuttier than a fruit cake……


thank you.


Is that the same Robert Wallace Malone who has been accused of misrepresenting the role he played in the development of mRNA vaccines?


The unvaccinated are a waste of skin.
Whatever excuse they give, the bottom line is they are AFRAID of needles.

Last edited 2 years ago by h2ofield
old school

Sounds like h2o is vaccinated and not quite sure if it was a wise decision and props up his “ following the crowd “decision by insulting critical thinkers who are not convinced by all the non-facts (that is opinions and innuendo btw”.)
I know some people who chose not to get vaccinated and I respect their choice.They live and act with great consideration of their and others health.


Oh, I’m sure I made the right decision.
“Critical thinkers” ….” I know some people”” LMAO.
Cowards AFRAID of needles.
That’s all you are.

Last edited 2 years ago by h2ofield
old school

Not scared of needles it’s self ,but wisely concerned about whatever substance is being injected by them.
Go downtown and you can see many examples of results of bad stuff injected by needles .
Theres a saying same crap/different pile.
Think about it where a lot of it started(allegedly).