May 18th, 2024

Voters are being asked the wrong question this month

By Lethbridge Herald on October 1, 2021.


In October we will be asked to vote for people to run things for us, and we will be asked to decide “Yes” or “No” on two other questions. The problem I am having is with the one asking us about a year-round Timing programme that will eliminate changing our clocks twice a year.

The way I read the question is that if we say, “Yes” to the question as worded, we will have summer hours all year round. 

Personally, I would prefer to have Mountain Standard Time year round! 

Is someone trying to manipulate us into choosing the summer hours?

When Standard Time was first developed, it was decided that at 12 noon, the sun would/should be more or less directly south of us. Under Daylight Saving Time, the sun is southeast of us at noon.

If we vote “No” I guess we’ll have to change our clocks twice a year. I believe that most Albertans do not want to change their clocks twice a year. 

I also believe that the proper thing is to adopt Mountain Standard time as our year-round preference but that means we will change our clocks just one more time this fall. 

How do we get that choice, given the wording of the present question?

Somebody doesn’t know how to word the question properly! 

We should have been asked whether we wanted Daylight Saving Time or Mountain Standard Time all year round.

E. E. Balay


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Southern Albertan

Agreed. I also, would want permanent Mountain Standard Time. I even wrote to Premier Kenney to make it a choice, but, unsurprisingly, got no response. With DST now, we at least, get MST for a few months from November to March. I will be voting against having permanent DST.


really, what difference does it make so don’t get your shorts in a knot. my working life was dawn to dusk. long days in summer, short days in winter. stopped and ate when the stomach said. to this day I don’t wear a watch.


Vote NO on DST!