May 18th, 2024

Being an Albertan an embarrassment under UCP

By Letter to the Editor on October 2, 2021.

I am embarrassed to call myself an Albertan. My government has let me down with its mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, its chasing of family doctors out of our communities and its disrespect for nurses and health professionals when we need them most.
None in the provincial caucus will stand up to Jason Kenney while he runs our province into the ground. Health, economy, environment, education – you name it, and it’s being ruined by him and his cronies.
Essential government services are being privatized out of existence and dedicated government professionals are being hamstrung to the point they’re unable to effectively deliver services.
It has become harder for normal Albertans to thrive, in fact harder to merely stay alive, thanks to the astounding series of follies and fumbles our government is making. And throughout it all, the government MLAs just sit on their hands biting their tongues while their obstinate premier digs in, refusing to acknowledge his errors or apologize for them, unable or unwilling to step up to lead what was once a great province.
I am embarrassed to call myself an Albertan.
Richard Quinlan

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old school

When I read “dedicated government officials” I thought ,oh yeah Richard is a windbag.There are w@y to many of these officials.IMO


Agree OS. Dedicated only when they get their own way.
Sounds to me like the writer is a prime candidate to pack up and move somewhere where he won’t be embarrassed. You know, the charter, freedom of movement.

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Fedup Conservative

Two really stupid old men who just don’t get it.


Don’t forget phlushie. That makes three.

Southern Albertan

Now that the military, the Red Cross, and a team from Newfoundland-Labrador are coming to try to assist with the COVID-gate train wreck in Alberta, I wonder what they will think, and possibly, say, about what they think about the situation here. Perhaps that’s why the bumbling Kenney didn’t want, at first, any outside help. It is embarrassing, and now, with the number of deaths, children getting COVID, the long haulers with chronic lifelong COVID aftereffects, unforgiveable.


This is not only an ALBERTA problem, but a whole world problem. A bio-weapon was released before an antidote was created. And now,no one admits it, but everyone is trying to cover it up, and save there own asses, while they are destroying the world as it existed. Meanwhile, the billionaires of our society, in their ivory towers are reaping huge profits. And will become owners of whole nations. Don’t tell me that humans don’t plot to destroy their brothers and sisters.

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