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ICU may make people believers

By Letter to the Editor on October 2, 2021.

Rights and Freedoms! That is what living in Canada is all about right? Let’s take a closer look shall we? I respect that everyone has the right to live free and to make their own choices on how to live their lives.
I respect that you may not want to get a COVID-19 vaccine. I respect that you don’t want to wear a mask or practice social distancing.
Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are a couple things we value in this country. Here is where things go wrong in my humble opinion.
When someone decides that their rights are more important than other’s rights, it’s no longer about rights! Let’s do some comparisons.
Some people state that a drug addict has the right to put whatever they want in their body.
I agree!
However, when that drug addict starts robbing or harming innocent people, it is no longer about their rights is it?
Let’s not even consider the cost to families and society drug addiction causes.
When a group of protesters who don’t believe in COVID-19 restrictions blocks an ambulance from bringing a sick person to the hospital or they harass health care workers from doing their jobs, it is no longer a peaceful protest.
Some of these protesters believe in their right to not get vaccinated but also believe that a woman is not allowed to be pro-choice.
Can you say double standard? “I believe in my rights” you might scream, while in the same breath, you believe that someone who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community is doomed to burn in Hell, unless they change their ways!
I don’t expect any of you that think that refusing to be vaccinated or even to wear a simple mask to protect others, to change your ways.
To the contrary, I expect you to continue to spew your venom as people lie dying in our hospitals because of your rights.
I want to be able to live my life, free from those people that are willing to put myself in harms way because they don’t respect my rights, only their own.
If you do contract COVID-19 and end out in ICU, I wish you the best and if you make it, I’m sure you will change your tune very quickly and become a strong advocate for vaccinations.
Doug Cameron

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Southern Albertan

….watched commentary by an unvaccinated young woman in B.C. with COVID who had been in ICU and was now out on the ward and still getting oxygen and having trouble breathing and talking. When asked what she would say to others, she said, “Do whatever it takes to not get COVID.” And, the unvaccinated fellow from Calgary who survived COVID who was in ICU on a ventilator, said, “just take the damn shot.”