May 28th, 2024

Premier not demonstrating leadership on COVID

By Letter to the Editor on October 6, 2021.

Dear Premier Kenney,
As an Albertan who received both vaccine doses as soon as possible and has worn a mask consistently since last summer, I am furious with your continued refusal to take comprehensive action to stop this fourth wave. I am furious with your refusal to heed the warnings and pleadings of Alberta’s frontline doctors, nurses, the AMA and the CMA.
Had you acted in mid-August when cases of the Delta variant began their rise and when health care workers warned that action was needed, we would not be in the current drastic situation.
Your disregard and disrespect of health care workers who are experiencing the brunt of your mishandling of this wave of the pandemic is appalling. Your lack of decisive action has significantly contributed to the extreme stress, overwork and burnout of healthcare workers.
While it is great to hear that help will finally be arriving from the Armed Forces, the Red Cross and Newfoundland, it is embarrassing and shameful that it has come to this and yet should have happened weeks ago. Implementing a straightforward vaccine mandate and passport system like Ontario and Quebec did when they did, could have lessened the current disastrous situation.
You are finally requiring provincial workers to be vaccinated but then allow an out through testing.
This sends a mixed message and highlights your repeated failure to take decisive action.
Why are you not learning from the experiences of other provinces?
Why do you keep waiting weeks to act when Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and B.C. have shown the way to bring the Delta variant under control?
You are not demonstrating leadership by any stretch of the imagination.
Jacqueline Preyde

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Darned if you do and darned if you dont… however, Kenney sure did drop the ball on this one.


Confused?? Either way he couldn’t have done better, but he dropped the ball. What could have been done better. Not defending, looking for answers. We have developed a healthy distrust of politicians, especially that those that fly across the country to surf and turf for a day off in remembrance of those he created the day off for.


Opening up too soon and “for good”. I understand Kenney was doing his best for the businesses and particularly the small businesses but sadly his good intentions backfired.

Fedup Conservative

The big question is how many did he kill and how many lawsuits is he going to face. Klein certainly did when he destroyed our health care system. Why would this be any different?

Les Elford

It has been said; “The Road To Hell is Paved With the Best Intentions” It appears Mr. Kenney’s intentions and the entire UCP caucus has been questionable from the very start. The question remains is the premier and the UCP looking out for their intentions…. or ours ……the electorate… the people?