July 20th, 2024

It’s time for Neudorf and the UCP to get back to work on crisis

By Letter to the Editor on October 8, 2021.

Everybody deserves a break, a holiday. But in times of crisis that sometimes has to give way to a greater good.
In a COVID world, the government has invoked a clause in their collective agreement with nurses to allow them to direct “mandatory overtime or cancelling of pre-approved vacation time”. But what about the curious case of MLA Nathan Neudorf (Lethbridge East)?
On Sept. 13 and 29, I sent emails to Neudorf imploring him and the government to take more substantive steps on curbing COVID in this province. To date, Oct. 4, I have not received a reply to either email. Nada, nothing.
Not even a computer generated acknowledgement.
In a time of health care crisis, the provincial government and Nathan Neudorf appear to be taking a vacation.
In August, Jason Kenney was on holidays while the health care crisis deepened.
Now in September, as Alberta ICUs are stretched beyond capacity, Nathan Neudorf appears to have taken a break from the COVID file as well.
So I once more ask my elected MLA the questions he hasn’t bothered to answer:
1. Do you support the use of vaccine passports in Alberta?
2. Do you support “fire breaker” public health measures which Alberta doctors are begging the government to take?
I encourage everyone in Lethbridge East to write to our MLA at lethbridge.East@assembly.ab.ca. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me.
Nathan, you are collecting a $120,000 salary each year to represent the constituents of Lethbridge East.
It’s time to return from holidays and get back to work. And when you’re ready to do that, answer my questions.
Scott Paul

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Southern Albertan

UCP get back to work? Wishful thinking for this group of bumbles who have lost much credibility.

Les Elford

I hate to sound so cynical and jaded but; best of luck with that Scott. With 22% popularity in the most recent polls, the premier and therefore the entire UCP caucus has lost any ounce of respect and credibility it may have once had.
The damage they have done to themselves and tragically to innocent Albertans and their loved ones is inconceivable and entirely self inflicted.
Is any one of them redeemable? They say past behavior is a predictor of future behavior so sadly; I suspect not.
Have they done enough damage to themselves and to innocent Albertan’s that they may be tossed aside (never to return) by the electorate, like the Liberals were in Alberta due to the damage inflicted by Trudeau senior; I suspect so. In reality, they have done more than enough damage.