May 30th, 2024

All the election signs are a waste of money

By Letter to the Editor on October 13, 2021.

As another civic election draws near, I feel compelled to make some comments. First off, I would like to know who decided it was OK to litter our road ways with an absolutely ridiculous number of signs letting us know who we should supposedly vote for.
If the total disregard for our streets is a barometer, then I would say our city is indeed in a lot of trouble. The more I see someone’s sign the less likely I am to vote for that person as they have shown that waste is the one thing they are good at.
Spending money wantonly seems also to be a main priority, also not a redeeming quality for our future mayor or councillors. How many meals would that money have provided? Every election I become more and more jaded at the obvious lack of choice, for which irresponsible person do I want wasting my tax dollars? Can we not get someone worth voting for?
Curtis Allred

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Southern Albertan

Remember all of the numerous ‘Conservative’ signs that were out there during the federal election campaign? For me, it says, we’ve got the money for signs, which are costly. Signs are used for name recognition, which is felt to possibly be a draw for votes. I did not vote for the ‘Conservatives.’ They could put signs up for a fence post and it would still get votes.


a cacophony of distraction; a massive waste of resource, and a creation of pollution. but hey, creating pollution is a divine right; so is sowing a toxic wasteland in the name of economy. but, just try and keep the shyte out of your body, right.


Every election is a popularity contest, thats all. Sure the issues matter but come election day the X on the ballot is all that matters. I’m with you on the amount of signs out there. How many times do I need to see a candidates name in a city block while driving? Hurts them more than helps them in my choices for election day, but that’s me. If a candidate wants to spend their campaign funds providing meals to those in need more power to them! But does that help the get elected? Probably not.