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Having prescriptions filled in Emergency a waste of doctor’s time

By Letter to the Editor on October 13, 2021.

Previously I have sent this modified email twice to my local MLA’s Mr. Nathan Neudorf and Ms. Shannon Phillips.
Neither did reply, not even an computer generated reply.
While I have still access to a family physician, there are several members of my family and many other people of Lethbridge who do not.
This creates not only a problem of getting medicine prescriptions, but also clogs up the emergency department of the hospital.
The only option they have is to go to the hospital emergency to get a prescription for medication.
The wait time for getting a prescription is six or more hours.
Personally, I am on the same medication and dosage for more than 15 years, yet I can get only a three-month refill for some and for other prescriptions only one month.
Thus I have to make every month an appointment which wastes the physician’s time that he could use to see other patients.
In my view, a year or more of monthly refills would save time and money. I seem to remember that there was a suggestion not long ago of having pharmacists be able to fill those long term prescriptions, it would be nice if that would materialize.
I hope this is something you would be willing to look into.
Johannes van Raamt

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Kal Itea

There are reasons why you have to go to your doctor to obtain refills.

  1. It is the responsibility of the doctor to monitor your pill-taking.
  2. Blue Cross decides which medications are renewable for a predetermined time.

Yes it’s the doctors responsibility to monitor your usage, as far as blue cross is concerned they are an insurance company, thats all. I imagine the college of physicians have a schedule of how many refills you can get without a return visit depending on what drug it is.


As I stated, I have the same dosage for more than 15 years and beside that, I am sure my pharmacist knows a thing or two about drugs and dosage.
If one need to go to the emergency doctor for a refill, he can only go by the previous dosage and term of a subscription.

Southern Albertan

Not to forget, that the reason why there are so many ‘orphan’ patients in this area of southern Alberta, is because there has been an exodus of doctors since the Kenney UCP fought, unwisely, with the doctors. Some have relocated and some have decided to retire. My clinic, Bigelow Fowler south, is closing at the end of November, I believe because they have lost 11 doctors and are unable to replace them. So yes, the emergency departments are much busier with “walk-in” patients… thanks to the bumbling Jason Kenney, et al.

Dennis Bremner

So, you understand they left Lethbridge and you know 4 retired! Did you know none left the province? All went to other places in Alberta. Your conclusion ? Kenney’s fault, which tells me you are NDP and protecting your candidate Phillips.
The Doctors renovated homes close to the hospital and downtown. Coincidentally the London Road Area parks where the Drug Addicts lived became the Doctors new neighbors.
While working, they were robbed and they didn’t feel safe. They left, pretty simple really, and, soon when the NDP return to power we will have a full blown Rehab facility that will destroy the downtown…but I am sure you will find a way to blame Kenney. He has lots to be held accountable for, but I do note no one is holding the NDP Rep for Downtown responsible for anything.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner