May 18th, 2024

Who not to vote for should be considered on Monday

By Letter to the Editor on October 15, 2021.

Who to vote for? Maybe consider who not to vote for instead.
Have you been considering who to vote for in the civic election on Oct. 18? The question should also be: “Who should we not vote for?”
Even though their intentions may have been honourable and sincere, the current councillors have clearly demonstrated their inability to make competent decisions on behalf of the citizens.
Consider the state of our city: excessive municipal project expenditures, some of the highest municipal taxes, utility, and administrative fees in the province, and one of the worst crime rates in the country.
The City has also lost many physicians recently and a part of that may be due to the challenging social environment.
Poor decision making not only affects the current state of our community but also the future of it as well.
 What developer, business owner, physician or other professional would look at Lethbridge and say, “This looks like a great place to live”?
And for those already living here, in the last 10 years, city budgets have risen by approximately 30 per cent. Has your income or OAS risen by that amount during the same period?
The decisions that have brought us to this state have all been approved by the current city council, with a few minor exceptions.
Please don’t assume that any change is good change.
I would urge you to take some time to research the new candidates and evaluate their potential to make a positive change for the City of Lethbridge.
It’s time to turn this ship around and elect people that will ensure fiscally responsible decisions, create a positive environment for businesses to flourish, and make the changes necessary for all residents to feel safe in this community again.
Bill Smienk

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Dennis Bremner

Well said!


Ensure fiscally responsible decisions – define fiscally responsible.
Create a positive environment for business – define pisitive environment.
Make the community feel safe – maybe begin by not running around like your hair is on fire.

Platitudinous poppycock.


Indeed. My sentiments exactly. Far from “well said.”