May 24th, 2024

UCP is failing us

By Letter to the Editor on October 28, 2021.

The situation worsens. Jason Kenney, you have lost the religious loyalty of many Albertans. In your first year as premier, one friend itemized a listing of over 70 destructive impacts. Sufficient for me is one serious item, but they are legion. For example. Healthcare-you appear intent on destroying our main support network when we need it most. Opioids-suicide and overdoses are words you have deleted, but they are an oppressing reality for many Albertans in acute pain with no end in sight. Climate -you have zero commitment, people are moving out of province. Justice –it’s called privilege in your book, and you’ll take as much as you can for you and yours. The best came from my neighbour, with a tip from the track: When the horse is dead, dismount. Please, you and your horse are rotting in place.
Mary Anne Schleinich

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