July 12th, 2024

Big Hydro will become the new king

By Letter to the Editor on October 29, 2021.

La Presse newspaper once dubbed Guilbeault “the green Jesus of Montreal” and now he is the Environment and Climate Change Minister. Guilbeault once worked for Greenpeace and is known world wide for his activism. This is the rebuttal to the West’s rejection of “Liberal flexible and geographical sensitive set of values.”
The first square that must be circled is to try to get around the fact that your boss owns a pipeline. Guilbeault will no doubt try to figure out how to use it for milk and cookies because there is no way it could be used for oil if the intention is to meet a climate goal of any sort.
So the new order begins. Guilbeault will be told to get GHGs down but not to touch Ontario’s or Quebec’s “special” GHGs because it’s the Liberal stronghold. His job will be to make it look like everyone is being hurt equally while ensuring the backroom torture of the West is not heard, while gallivanting around the planet in the Ministerial Car and Jet!
Trudeau of course, spins the story that oil companies are on side, it’s really only those dastardly Rednecks in the West who are not!
Strangely, as the Liberals penalize those nasty oil companies for what they do, the price of everything oil rises proportionally, so it is little wonder oil companies are onside! I mean, why not!
Trudeau whacks them for polluting, and the “onside oil companies” whack us, to pay for Trudeau’s whack? It sounds like a polluter’s heaven to me!
Guilbeault has already started the “let’s work together” which of course is code for “let’s work together on my plan and you pretend to agree because it will be ‘my way!’ Milk and cookies for everyone on a job well done!
Trudeau has watched GHGs in Canada rise every year he has been in power! So if the costs for natural gas and gas at the pumps have resulted in less than zero effect on his legacy….so watch what happens in the time he has left, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Move aside Big Oil, your days are numbered, all bow to Big Hydro for you are to be the new king!
Dennis Bremner

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An imaginative letter. Did you notice the crippling drought this summer? It takes less imagination to envision what the West’s future looks like if we don’t begin to address greenhouse gas emissions.

Southern Albertan

The Trudeau Liberals have still, been subsidizing the oil and gas sector to the tune of $billions/year despite Trudeau promising in his 2015 election campaign to stop these subsidies. So much for free enterprise eh? Let’s keep in mind that the oil and gas powers-that-be are investing heavily in renewable energy. They know, where the ‘money’ is, and will be. For example, TC Energy already owns a 48.4% ownership stake in Bruce Power, despite many of us not really wanting nuclear power either. Solar energy, is going to be ‘huge.’ Time for all of us to move on into renewable energy. Canada has, massive, capabilities in wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal energies. Will we retain at least 51% stake in these?

Fedup Conservative

As much as my conservative friends and I aren’t fans of Trudeau we give him credit where credit is due. He has poured billions of dollars into this province to save our young people during this pandemic and purchased a $4 billion pipeline for our oil industry industry and implemented a carbon tax that Harper refused to do.

I can assure you this pipeline is being built. I just spent 3 weeks in b.c and have seen all the construction sites effecting travel by road.

We doubt these reformers who are hellbent on forcing Canadians into a lot more privatization would have been so generous. Of course if they ,starting with Ralph Klein had been smart enough to collect proper royalties and taxes, like Lougheed did, and Alaska and Norway are doing we would have had ample money to pay for this pandemic and not would not be leaving massive debt for our children to look after.