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Businesses that protect customers deserve thanks

By Letter to the Editor on October 29, 2021.

Dealing with COVID-19 has been a frustrating journey for everyone with all the lock downs, open for summer, multiple waves, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers.
I have learned a lot during this pandemic about human nature. I have seen businesses such as Costco in Lethbridge, follow all the health rules and enforce them when people tried to bully their way into the store. Thank-you Costco!
I have also seen other businesses here in Lethbridge make zero effort to stop those from exposing their other customers from possible harm.
I have talked to managers with usually the same type answers. “We don’t want to endanger our staff” or “We are controlled by our head office in Ontario” etc.
All you need to do if you are so worried about your staff being abused, is hire a “bouncer” at the entrance. Some businesses that I have entered, don’t even have the staff or the owner(s) wearing a mask! My answer is simple. I have made a note of every business that I have visited during this pandemic that refuses to follow and/or make an attempt to follow the rules. Each and every one of those businesses, will not see a dime from my wife and I.
I would like to suggest that those that believe in the science and the value of vaccinations and wearing a mask to protect others, do likewise. These businesses obviously only care about your money and not you as a customer. Again, to those businesses that protect and value their customers and not just their money, thank-you.
Doug Cameron

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Great letter, Doug, I’ll be following your advise regarding businesses.
In fact, I was just in Can Tire north and I counted five males 20-40 age w/o masks. I handed the teller my Triangle card to throw out. I can live without CT.

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Citi Zen

Agreed! But on the other side of the coin, businesses such as restaurants do not require that their staff be vacc’d. We attended the F***stone last week, and asked the owner about this. He stated that they can’t force their staff to get vaccinated. But we still needed our vac cards to get in.
Something wrong with this picture.


This marxist evil has to stop. Great letter my arse. Is Canada a nation that deserves to be ruled by a cowardly despot from his steps, controlling our legal system to flout our constitution as he wishes and per his party’s hysterical anti-human propaganda?Are the current generation of Canadians all safety-first pansies? Disrespecting our patents who fought and died for our freedoms and quality of lives?
Or can we think for ourselves and act on principles, good principles, those that Canada was built on – mutual respect, accountability, responsibility, freedom to act and manage one’s own affairs in all manners as long as we do not impinge on the rights of others. Have we, as this and so many other recent letters allege, become a nation of brownshirted hall moniters afraid of … living?


“marxist evil’. What a load!
Typical special snowflake response. Get over yourself.

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I mis-spelled parents as patents. Apology.

Elohssa Gib

Good catch on patents, but you missed a couple of things. “Are the current generation” should read “is the current generation”. And while we are on the subject, which particular generation were you referring to — Millennials, Boomers, Gen Z, Gen X, or The Silent Generation?


it is difficult for small businesses to enforce masking rules – and expensive if they are to hire bouncers. larger businesses are less put upon, due the massive volumes of money that pour through. perhaps govt – which is us – will need to foot the bill for a bouncer for every business that has every right to be open (and, they all have very right to be open).
but, truly, how great are those masks? and still, anything goes…but even if we were mandated to wear only the nice blue paper “surgical” ones, the gold standard for the hoodwinked masses, how effective are they? i suggest to try wearing one while mowing the lawn and mulching leaves, and then have a look at what has collected on the white side. good thing covid particles are bigger than dust and dirt, eh?
meanwhile, here is a fact that can be checked: as of last week, over 1.6 million cdns had tested positive for covid over the past 1.5 years. wow! a pandemic unlike anything since spanish flu! but guess what? over 1.6 million cdns had also been deemed recovered from covid. i know, a miracle. how can near as many cdns have gotten covid that have recovered when it is a pandemic? is it by the grace of god that this pandemic is not a pandemic as 1.6 million covid cases includes1.6 million recovered cases?
of course, the narrative is to keep pounding the death numbers…about 28k “official” covid deaths as of last week. how, i wonder, is 28k deaths of a pop of 35 million over a 1.5 year span a pandemic? but here is the fuller reality: of those deemed to have died from covid, the great majority will have had other mitigating health issues. obesity and lack of exercise/healthy lifestyle would be just the tip of that iceberg; however, there are other mitigating heath issues that are less preventable (and i am not judging anyway, as each to their own is a right).
most profound is that about 17.5k of the deaths officially attributed to covid are in the 80+ bracket. hmm, what is the average lifespan of a cdn, i wonder? another 5.5k of such deaths came from 70+ folk. let me see now, 17.5k plus 5.5k…that is about 23k…so, about 23k of about 28k deaths are among society’s most aged who have other significant health issues who are past or near the average age of death.
5k covid attributed deaths, then, are found in the under 70 group, over 1.5 years of PANDEMIC! 5k deaths among the age sturdier…but even then, so many of those cases will have had comorbidities. PANDEMIC?!
to be fair, the vaxes may well have saved lives, and very likely, may have saved far more lives than “masks.” however, what each of those have in common is they should be choices, options: not enforcements, laws, or coercive measures. given the stats, vaxes are likely a good option for the 80 plus crowd, perhaps even the 70 plus crowd, and perhaps useful for anyone with health issues that might make covid more of an issue for them. you all have choices and should exercise them as you feel.
however, what kind of vaxes are these covid things that require everyone to HAVE to have them in order to work? are they that ineffective such that govt and a fearful society somehow gain the right to force-vax people who choose to take their chances with covid rather than pharm’s vaxes? even if these vaxes were so awesome that they made 100% everyone 100% impervious to all disease, govt nor society at large does not gain the right to determine what one ingests or does not ingest. govt nor society at large does not get to determine that there is one class of people that get full rights to work and socialise, while another does not. one has every right to speak well of vaxes, to take vaxes, but no one has the right to force one’s choice and opinion on another. not if we wish to define ourselves as a free society.

Seth Anthony

Definition of “pandemic”:

“Occurring over a wide geographic area (such as multiple countries or continents) and typically affecting a significant proportion of the population“.

The definition is too ambiguous to be of much value. However, I suspect that when people think of a pandemic (before Covid), they thought, “A Pandemic seriously harms and/or kills a large portion of the population, up to and including average adults and kids”. Something akin to the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Thing is, for the vast majority of the population, Covid has little to no effect. Covid only seriously harms or kills a tiny portion of the population, and to those of which, have extremely weak immune systems. They are typically very old people, in very poor health, and therefore, already on death’s door. In other words, an immune system so weak, that just about any illness would have killed them.

Granted, there is the .001% headline of “Teen dies of Covid!!!!”. These extremely rare occurrences are either statistical anomalies that can occur with just about any illness, false positives, or untrue like the following one:

Further to all this, if a very old person is already at deaths door due to serious illnesses and an almost non-existent immune system, then gets Covid and dies, it’s classified as a Covid death. That is blatantly disingenuous. If the average person got that exact same virus, then little to nothing would have happened to them. In other words, that very old and sick person’s death is 0% to 1% due to Covid and arguably near or 100% due to an almost non-existent immune system.

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Elohssa Gib

Given a choice between you being modestly inconvenienced and my Granny living longer, guess what my position on the question is.

old school

Regarding S.A. “Teen dies of covid” in Alberta was a blatant lie
Deena Hinshaw tried to use to support her narrative.
Moderatly inconvenienced is not why some people decline so called vaccines.There is a degree of scepticism to put it mildly,among open minded people.
There is reason for distrust of big pharma that is rigourously pushing unproven and statistactaly ineffective vaccines at incredible profit to themselves while being immune to any legal liability .


you nor govt nor society do not get to force vaxes on people. and whether granny dies or not has nothing to do with anyone taking a vax, except maybe for granny. and even then, there is no guarantee, if only because the pharms only guarantee is that they are safe from being held accountable. once again: if want to get vaxed, do it; if the vax works you are spared no matter who else gets vaxed; if they do not work it also does not matter who is vaxed. the point is, your safety is not dependent on others being vaxed – only on your being vaxed…if the vax works. moreover, your rights do not extend into the body of another: how are you and so many vaxed others missing that?
btw – of the 28k that have been deemed covid victims in canada, does anybody have any hard numbers as to how many of those were vaxed? early on, of course, pretty much all would not have been vaxed, so let us look at the numbers over the past 6 months. anyway, seems to escape the stats and is never a part of the regurgitation…er the reporting… of the official narrative. if half or more were vaxed, does not say much for the vax.

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will not allow edit. should read: you, govt, or society do not get to force vaxes on people.

Seth Anthony

I believe you have replied to the wrong person, because your reply to me has nothing to do with my points.


soon, we will have the equivalent of covid vax junkies, taking a shot every other month or so. we may even end up with a tent in galt gardens that will administer the never ending shots to the eager new junkies.


Maybe you should try putting the pipe down for a while smh.


About as much as World War II, which I assume some would call no big deal now.