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Neudorf needs to rethink his stance on vaccines

By Letter to the Editor on November 19, 2021.

You recently ran a column by Lethbridge East MLA Nathan Neudorf who holds the opinion that an individual’s right to “security of the person” extends to the “right” to refuse to be vaccinated.
As we have recently celebrated our 102nd Remembrance Day, perhaps a little history might be in order:
By 1918, 40 million people had died in the Great War. Over 50 million people died in the 1918-20 influenza pandemic.
Recall that there was neither vaccine nor cure for this flu. Over the next decades, vaccines were developed against many deadly diseases.
My bet is that, before entering Grade One, Mr. Neudorf and his childhood friends (having had the good fortune to be born in Canada where many vaccines were developed and all children entering school are provided with vaccines) had all been given the following shots:
 * Diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough
* Polio
* Measles, mumps, and rubella
* Chickenpox
* Influenza
It’s safe to assume that neither Mr. Neudorf nor any of his classmates went blind after having had measles, were crippled by polio, or died from diptheria, whooping cough, chickenpox, or the flu.
These diseases were leading causes of disability and death among children prior to vaccines.
Between 1950-55, in Canada alone there were roughly 1,000 cases of polio and 100 deaths from the disease every single year.
In poor countries right now, up to 60,000 children every year go blind from contracting measles.
Perhaps if Nathan Neudorf’s parents had put the “security of his person” above the need to be vaccinated to protect him and his friends, his life may have turned out quite differently. Unvaccinated people who contract COVID – and survive – often find their lives changed forever.
Mr. Neudorf should rethink his stance.
Leslie Lavers

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Fedup Conservative

Leslie you have nailed it. My senior friends and I have been saying the same things over coffee. How many of us wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for our parents making certain we were vaccinated.
These cowards who refuse it are no different.

old school

The vaccines you mentioned above are actually effective.
So called covid vaccine is arguably not working.Already talk of 3rd,4th, – –
“booster”.There is a difference.


Old School needs to consider medical information more widely: The Covid vaccines do not offer 100% immunity, it was never said they did, but what they do is enormously reduce the medical consequences of Covid exposure. Old School and his informants jump on one part of the puzzle to defend their weak case, rather like the blind man touching one part of an elephant.


EXPLAIN Isreal. 92% totally vaccinated yet covid is rampant. proof of how effective it is?


Actually, only 64% of Israel’s total population is fully vaccinated. If the 92% figure is correct, I suspect it relates to the vaccine-eligible cohorts.
I have seen data showing that as compared to Canada a higher percentage of COVID hospitalizations in Israel are from the partially or fully-vaccinated sub-populations, but that is explained by (a) the efficacy of the vaccines wane over time (hence the need for boosters), and (b) Israel ramped up its vaccination program very early as compared with many other countries.
It’s also worth noting that vaccination rates among the Palestinian population, many of whom travel daily between the West Bank and Israel for work, is below 30%. Israel didn’t even start offering vaccinations to that group until March.
Finally, when I look at the data, Israel did experience a fourth wave, as we have, but the numbers starting to decline – and declined at a relatively high rate – in September. Only in the last several days has the R-value (a measure of how fast a disease spreads) exceeded 1.0. So, to say that COVID is running rampant is not consistent with the data.

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pursuit diver

Old school – Almost all of the vaccines you refer to are different from influenza/COVID. There have been flare-ups in several of those, which include measles, TB, mumps to name a few because immunizations/inoculations were not continued in new generations. The closest to COVID, the influenza vaccine is given annually, therefore that destroys the latter part of your statement. They are only effective if next generations continue the trend of immunizations.
Phlushie – Israel was the first nation in the world to achieve over 75% vaccination months before any other country and where most of the stats came from on the vaccines and they found the booster shot is effective. They cut a deal with Pfizer from the very start, paying double for the vaccines and sharing all data, except personal information with Pfizer.
It works! READ:
“The vast majority of Israel’s older population had received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by the end of February, and by now about 78 percent of the population 12 and older are fully vaccinated.”
The 64% that TJohnson refers to now includes the total population, adding the newly approved 12 and under.
I personally have never had an influenza vaccine because I rarely got the flu and when I did it was minimal effects!
I did get fully vaccinated for COVID and I am waiting or my turn for a booster. I had COVID and survived and do not want to do that dance again!
For those that believes it changes your DNA, do more research! Just because it says mRNA, close to the term DNA, doesn’t mean it changes DNA or manipulated DNA in your body! For some, a DNA change may be a good thing though – LOL! Just kidding!
One last fact to debunk the conspiracy theorists!
mRNA research and development began in the 1990’s and later were being focused on vaccines such as the influenza vaccine in 2013, 8 years ago! It was not a fast fix for this pandemic! What was needed was that it be adapted for COVID. Some of the studies were also for rabies and the zika virus.
The idea or concept has decades of research backing it up!
To end, my only concern at this point is vaccinating the under 12 group! I am on the fence so far on this and would like to see more results/data from other countries that have starting the immunization in this group! I am not sure how it impacts developing children, although I had TB, polio, measles, chicken pox, tetanus, the full gambit growing up! I turned out alright or did I?
There are many reasons that have caused all this mistrust in government and others and most of it came for technology/social media and other nations and even corporations using disinformation to destroy their enemies and competition. Spreading disinformation is age old, a weapon used my militaries to tear down nations without military actions, yet here we are, under attack and people believing everything they here on social media.
I do still believe that COVID was being researched in the Wuhan labs as a viable bio-weapon and that is why it mutates so fast, compared to other flu types. This May, the BBC and other media groups reported that many believe that virus came from the Lab in Wuhan.
Yesterday, more information that the Lab in Wuhan was working on a virus from the bats from Laos, that has a very close genetic identity to the COVID virus. Fake news? Sad that we have to analyze everything we read and hear now!


Well done Ms. Lavers. Neudorf is pandering to the ignorant and the misinformed, for political reasons I suppose. And not one word did he say about community responsibility, or concerns about Granny and Grandad.


when is a vaccine not a vaccine, when it doesn’t prevent infection or transmission. this is the case of the covid vaccine


curious that the thoughtless can only hit the neg option, and they too often have nothing to bring to the discussion. let us not consider israel’s experience with their experimentation of covid vaxes lest that upset the narrative.


Hey everyone, go easy on the ‘neg’ option (lol) Biff’s frail ego can’t handle it.


haha! you are such a zero lol
my point being, would love to hear the basis upon which others stake their differing opinions.


That is an idiosyncratic definition of a vaccine. It is also utterly wrong. I can’t think of a single vaccine that is 100% effective.

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while little to do with vaccines, this link shares a video that demonstrates how a handful of powerful financial institutions owns the majority of shares – in essence, owns the companies – of “competing” companies. about an hour long, the reality is already well laid out in the first 12 mins. vanguard, state street, blackrock own a heck of a lot of our planet and wealth via their massive holdings in the most predominant corps on the planet…mining/energy, manufacture, pharm, agriculture, seeds, transportation, industrial military complex, consumer goods, chemicals, food….good luck to us.