May 24th, 2024

Vaccines have saved millions of lives from diseases

By Letter to the Editor on November 19, 2021.

After reading Lynn Harrington’s letter re: vaccines, I must respond.
Millions of lives have been saved from vaccines for polio, smallpox, mumps, measles, whooping cough, and rubella. All of these have been almost eradicated from our planet.
I grew up in the 1950s in southern Alberta during the polio scare.
Every school child in my community was vaccinated except for one individual.
He was the only person to contract polio and luckily survived. My choice to get vaccinated and wear a mask protects me but also all with whom I come in contact, including children under 12.
Currently Alberta hospitals are overflowing with those who are unvaccinated, causing Albertans who need urgent surgery for cancer or organ transplant to wait perhaps causing their deaths. When the choice one makes negatively affects other people one should question that choice.
I also thank Lynn for her service in the military to protect Canada, a country I am very proud of, happy with and lucky to have been born in.
Faye Van Deurzen

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This>>> “”When the choice one makes negatively affects other people one should question that choice.””

Fedup Conservative

Great comments Faye, but as my senior friends have been saying over coffee. You can’t change stupidity. As long as it doesn’t effect them they don’t care about anyone else. Who cares what our doctors and nurses are going through, but when they all leave because of the way they have been treated they will be the first to whine. I wonder how many of the Kenney supporters are now whining about their surgeries being delayed, that’s another question we have been asking?
Too bad they are going to have to hide in their basements because they can’t go anywhere, because of their stupid attitude. We are once again enjoying our getting together with our friends over coffee. Showing our proof of vaccination is no big deal.


when is a vaccine not a vaccine ? when it does not prevent infection or transmission as covid vaccinesdo

Elohssa Gib

I’m very sorry, but this statement displays a dearth of scientific literacy and a lack of command of facts. Name a vaccine that is 100% effective, and name a medical procedure for which a successful outcome is guaranteed and is absolutely free of risk.

Rather than continuing to rely on social media, the unregulated web, or your anti-vax echo chamber for information, why don’t you use “Google Scholar” to access the scientific literature?


yes, great idea. rather than rely on google – owned by google – for our info and disinfo, we had best now rely on google scholar – owned by google – for our info and disinfo. i just feel blessed to get all the science i need in a day from the very many esteemed and earnest scientists that keep referencing “science” right here in the herald’s digital forum.
as for the incessant banging on the “science” drum of late by the enlightened masses that now know everything, perhaps one may want to consider who owns “science.” when it comes to “science” and pharms, it is fair to say it is the pharms that own their “science,” what with the cloak of secrecy that is propriety info and all. ditto much of the “science” coming out of a lot of institutions that are funded/owned by massive corporate interests.
btw: ever wonder who owns google? ever wonder who owns “competing” interests in our world economy, including the flow of info? this easy to digest video can help to enlighten. while an hour long, one can get a pretty good picture of the dire state of affairs on planet earth in just the first 12 mins.

Elohssa Gib

That would be “the enlightened masses who (not that) now know everything”. Let’s work on your command of English, and then we can have some lessons on the nature of science and information literacy.


haha! i will get on my editing one day, although not likely for herald forum purposes. then again, seeing as i have you and mrs. kidd at the ready, i may just as well continue to stream away and allow you wunderkinds of the english language to patch up my entries.
what i would wish for here, even more than editing, and neg votes, is discussion. for example, i did not know that, in order to discover/uncover truths, one must have a “command” of english. i had best google scholar on that, seeing as i cannot locate the wizard of oz.

Elohssa Gib

“Wunderkind”? Really? I had to work hard and for many years on my language arts skills. I know you can do it too.