January 19th, 2022

Canada’s focus should be on climate mitigation

By Letter to the Editor on December 4, 2021.

Climate change is a fact of life – the climate has been changing since time immemorial. Mother Nature does what Mother Nature does and I doubt that mankind can do much to change her ways. Globally, governments have fiddlle-faddled with multiple conferences over the last 30 years in an attempt to modify the climate with little success. Instead of trying to change the climate 50 years down the road we need to plan on how to mitigate against weather events that seem to come with increasing frequency.
We have had little success in predicting the effects of climate change so we need to plan for the inevitable disasters that seem to come without warning.
We can however, mitigate against natural disasters by attempting to anticipate the effects of human settlement on the natural environment. For instance if we drain a lake to build a city in its place; we need to take measures to ensure that when an atmospheric river comes along that the lake does not fill up again inundating the built environment. Water has a habit of always seeking the lowest point and that lake was and probably still is the lowest point. It is somewhat alarming that control of the Sumac River at Abbotsford has been talked about for years – all talk and no action, and now we have a billion dollar disaster that has displaced the residents of an entire city. With the lower mainland being a major agricultural area that we all depend on for our foodstuffs that catastrophic flood has further challenged our already compromised supply chain.
In the last number of years we have seen major floods in Calgary, High River, Ft. McMurray and just recently in the lower Fraser Valley. With Calgary and the Elbow River – it’s now been 8 years and still no action to prevent a further flood of downtown Calgary. We need to take the example from Winnipeg and the Red River.
After multiple years of massive flooding, action has been taken to divert the regularly rising waters of the Red River from habitable areas.
The Town of High River has also taken measures to fortify the banks of the Highwood River ensuring that residents and businesses will be protected against future flooding. In Alberta various levels of government have been active with flood plain mapping and resulting restrictions on urban development within these flood zones. Those are the actions necessary to avoid future environmental concerns.
Let us take the revenue from the carbon tax and use it to mitigate the effects of climate change rather than attempting to change Mother Nature’s ways.
A more appropriate name for the carbon tax would be to call it a ‘climate’ tax.
A second way we can be more strategic in mitigating climate change on a global scale is to concentrate our resources where they can be most effective. Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are minimal compared to the emissions in China, India and some of the developing nations. Let us channel our abundant energy resources to these other countries to assist them in lowering their emissions.
We have an abundance of natural gas that can be shipped as LNG to assist these countries in reducing their reliance on coal and other polluting fuels in order to reduce their GHG emissions.
Similarly we have some of the best and cleanest metallurgical coal that can be exported for steel making. Clean coal for clean steel.
Canada boasts of the highest environmental standards in the world as well as some of the best expertise, so we should concentrate on using that expertise and those resources to assist those other nations in achieving the global objective of reducing our carbon footprint.
Exporting our natural resources and technical expertise will also be a boon to our economy which can help to pay for the resources necessary to mitigate against Mother Nature’s fury.
Let’s face it – Canada has not been successful in reducing our greenhouse gases, in fact they keep creeping higher, so we need to reassess our strategy. We have had a strong signal that we need to look at strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change in order to avert future disasters. At the same time we need to recognize that Canada’s strength is in exporting our expertise and our energy resources to those countries that can benefit from what we have to offer.
Let us change our focus from carbon reduction to climate mitigation. i.e. Climate tax not carbon tax!
Ken Allred is a former St. Albert alderman and MLA

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Finally-finally some common-sense talk on “Climate Change.” What a great letter Ken! Filled with truths and wisdom!
Only a loonie-toon enviro-terrorist could believe we could alter Mother Natures course!
That ball of gas we call the Sun has been slowly increasing in temperature over time and I wonder if that could have something to do at least in part with our Global Warming situation DUHH!
Ken brings up some excellent ideas as to what to do with the Carbon Tax theft that will have no appreciable effect on the worlds climate but fatten-up the governments coffers.

Elohssa Gib
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Just more drivel from the loonie-toons! After reading it I don’t recommend it!
“Menon says that for now, scientists in low-and middle-income regions are more concerned about delivering nutrition than preserving the environment”..as they should be! Common sense 101.

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whatever humanity should eat, our diet nor anything should be coming from top feeders and the most intelligent creatures on the planet. the article suggests these “stunted” folk eat octopus. i disagree. they are brilliant creatures.
i wonder what exactly is “wrong” about being “stunted” in physical stature. in fact, being smaller might be the most ecological way forward if we are to continue to overpopulate the planet with humans.


A well written example of how we should be thinking about the environment and mitigation. A huge mound of common sense and logic provided here.

Fedup Conservative

I see where Ken Allred is still trying to fool seniors. He was my MLA for 4 years and was part of the Stelmach government , who like the Klein government helped their rich friends steal our oil and tax wealth. Even though a study , that they had done, pointed out that oil royalties needed to be raised they lowered them and Albertans lost billions more.
The oil executives know something has to be done to stop producing so much carbon and a Carbon Tax is the best way. They also know solar power works , which is why so many solar projects are in the works in Alberta.
Yes making certain if you build on a flood plain it is going to cause problems but when these massive storms, that you can’t plan for destroys your plan of defense you are in trouble and all the money spent is useless.
” Analysis: Oilsands Companies Are Still Making Billions So Why isn’t Alberta?
You know Lougheed would have never have allowed this to happen. Norway and Alaska certainly aren’t letting the oil industry kick them around.
I see Ken Allred as being a major part of the problem. When Stelmach tried to raise royalties for the people all the industry needed to do was threaten to leave and he caved in. Lougheed or Danny Williams in Newfoundland weren’t that stupid.


Funny, the NDP did a royalty review for nine months and did nothing other than stunt investment. So there is that, and then there is this. Rant away!!!!



A good read for sure!

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Elohssa Gib

This is interesting. Normally, many of the folks on these threads dismiss out of hand establishment and intellectual elites for being out of touch. The author of this blog is a member of the Federalist Society, a graduate of Yale and Harvard, and was a partner in a Manhattan corporate law firm before his retirement. He counts Milton Friedman among his intellectual heroes. He could not be more establishment. Based on the “About Me” section of his blog and his LinkedIn page, I’d bet the blogger is the sort of person who was born on 3rd base but assumes he hit the triple.


So what is your point. Weak response.

Fedup Conservative

Why don’t you find yourself a lawyer and find out what happen. She increased taxes by 2% and was planning to start increasing royalties in 2021, but you fools defeated her. Kenney slashed her taxes by 4% and promised not increase oil royalties. So here we sit watching Alaska and Norway continue to reap the benefits of their oil wealth while Albertans find themselves in financial ruin.

Seth Anthony

FC said, “The oil executives know something has to be done to stop producing so much carbon and a Carbon Tax is the best way.

This is incorrect on more than one level. Google, “Why do oil companies support a carbon tax”. Here’s the reasons from just one example:

It seems contradictory that they would support such a scheme while at the same time planning to significantly increase their oil output. So why would they do so?

“It prevents other things that they think would be worse for their business model,” said Joseph Majkut, director of climate policy at non-partisan US think-tank the Niskanen Center.

Big Oil also favours a carbon tax because it would more heavily penalise coal — which is three times more carbon-intensive than natural gas — and thus enable gas-fired power to replace the dirtier fuel.

Additionally, they can profit with extra end user charges for “environmental fees”. Similar to how grocery stores have now started charging 5 cents for a plastic bag that costs them 2.5 cents.


FC said, “They also know solar power works , which is why so many solar projects are in the works in Alberta.”.

This is also incorrect on more than one level. Google, “What’s the definition of corporate public image” for a clue. Ditto for government public image.

There’s many reasons why almost no one has solar panels on their roof, and fundamentally, the reason is, “not viable”. It’s too expensive for what you get, provides very little power, and has no proper storage medium. Above all, due to clouds and night, it doesn’t even work most of the time.

Also, read the article that Buckwheat posted.

Last edited 1 month ago by Seth Anthony

i thought big oil favours a carbon tax because, shucks, gosh, golly, they, sniffle, care about the planet. their generosity is exceptional, what with all the oil residue from spills, and toxins everywhere from their proprietary chemicals, and plastic products that will last for about forever in landfills and oceans and “freshwaters”, and now, even islands of plastic creating more space and habitat for our burgeoning human population: all that and more they have so graciously shared with us. the carbon tax is just another of their wonderful ways of sharing.

Seth Anthony

They care about it so much, that all oil companies are increasing production.

Population growth means more fossil fuel usage. Unfortunately, wind and solar aren’t capable of replacing fossil fuels. Well, not unless there is a breakthrough in solar panel efficiency, or storage technology. Solar panels have already hit the practical and theoretical limit of efficiency (a paltry 10% to 15% efficiency). Battery technology receives billions in research dollars, but nothing has come of it so far. Lot’s of broken promises though.

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Fedup Conservative

Once again over coffee this morning we talked about these ignorant seniors who apparently are a lot smarter than the rest of us. Lawyers tell us we should let them try to prove it in court, don’t you think? Their only problem is the fact that out of a population of some 103 thousand people there is only about 10 of them dumb enough to support a Liberal, turned Reformer in Jason Kenney and spread his lies.
One in our group pointed out that his father is a retired lawyer and he thinks Jason Kenney is going to get a lot of seniors sued if they don’t stop believing his lies and spreading his lies without anything to back them up, what do you think? I think he is right. He certainly lied about our oil industry being under attack and is now facing lawsuits, isn’t he?
These ignorant seniors literally call everyone who isn’t as dumb as them liars. According to Seth Anthony that includes oil executives, lawyers, accountants, oilmen , bank managers, and former MLAs.
Maybe Seth had better start doing some research on the solar panel projects going on in Alberta, before someone decides to take him to court, don’t you think?
Those of us who have been all over Europe and seen the huge amount of solar panels on the roofs and talked to the people know how stupid Seth is.

Maybe he should start by reading this
“German Conservatives have laid groundwork for making country climate neutral by 2045:
When I was there a few years ago the people were really proud of their conservative government for making it happen. They have a population of 83 million people and have proved it can be done. Our phony conservatives, Reformers, continue to tell the world they don’t give a damn about global warming and their ignore supporters agree.
I can assure Seth that if he wants to try to prove how much smarter he is than the rest of us, after Christmas, we can certainly arrange it, want to try?.

” Massive New solar farm to power Edmonton Shell Refinery in an effort to decarbonize operations” I don’t think calling shell oil executives liars would be very smart , do you?

Fedup Conservative

Don’t worry Seth wouldn’t be alone we would be glad to include Johnny 57 and Buckwheat, don’t you think?

Seth Anthony

I give up trying to have a rational and objective discussion with you. It was explained why your assertions are incorrect, but you ignore all that, and instead post even more flawed arguments, along with numerous other facepalm worthy statements.

I’ve got a low tolerance for people with a reading comprehension problem, the tact of a rock, and the intellect of a slug.

Last edited 1 month ago by Seth Anthony
Fedup Conservative

Why don’t you get off your ass and find some lawyers, oilmen, accountants, police officers, bankers and former MLAs to talk to , instead of finding stupid comments to believe like you do?
I spent 32 years in the world of finance being involved with these people and in 1999 joined a seniors club and for 22 years have been having coffee week day mornings with a lot of them and I can assure you they are a lot smarter than you are, they aren’t believing Kenney’s lies. Some are in their 90s.
Lougheed’s energy minister Bill Dickie was a brother in-law of one of my uncles and I got to know several of the MLAs from the Lougheed era and I know what they thought of guys like you Blindly helping Reformers destroy what they worked so hard to create for Albertans.
I have been all over Europe and know what solar and wind power is doing for them. A friend brought a friend to coffee three weeks ago and he was from Sweden and he agreed with everything I said. He has his roof covered with solar panels and a friend put them on his roof in Devon, Alberta in 1975 and he says it was the smartest thing he ever did. He doesn’t pay any of the stupid fees the rest of us are paying.

Seth Anthony

Do you have any arguments based in science, logic, empirical evidence, and objectivity? Your arguments on the matter consist of, “My friend said something, or someone did something, so that proves I’m right”.

What’s clear, is that you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to alternative energy. Furthermore, you have no concept that governments only do things to stay in power, and corporations only do things to make profit.

Oil companies supporting a carbon tax and/or building a solar farm, has nothing to do with what you claim it does. Oil companies were originally against a carbon tax, and spent millions lobbying against a carbon tax. That is, until they realized certain inevitabilities, and how they they could actually profit from a carbon tax (or at the very least, mitigate profit loss). Similar money based tactics are utilized when an oil company builds a solar farm. They do it to mitigate profit loss, and/or increase profit in one way or another. Part of it, is to sway public and political opinion in their favor (which mitigates profit loss or increases profit).

There is no altruism in an oil company supporting a carbon tax or building a solar farm. It’s about profit and loss. Nothing more. Period.

Last edited 1 month ago by Seth Anthony

“”I’ve got a low tolerance for people with a reading comprehension problem, the tact of a rock, and the intellect of a slug.””
I don’t believe Fed-up took any personal shots at you.
No need to be a knob at Christmas.
Maybe go back to the cat thread.

Seth Anthony

Uh..yes, he did. My first reply to him was very civil, then he replied back with, “Don’t worry Seth wouldn’t be alone we would be glad to include Johnny 57 and Buckwheat”. It’s obvious what he thinks of Johnny and Buckwheat, so he was just trying to be insulting.

Anyway, I’m sure FC can take it, considering how often he calls others “stupid”, all the while ignoring the arguments that go against his beliefs.

Last edited 1 month ago by Seth Anthony

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